SU Level 5 Chapter 21

  1. 단독주택
    single-family housing
  2. 윗목
    place on ondol away from the fireplace (cooler)
  3. 아랫목
    place on ondol near the fireplace (warmer)
  4. 방바닥
    floor of a room
  5. 아궁이
  6. 굴뚝
  7. 따끈하다
    nice and warm(hot)
  8. 아늑하다
    cozy feeling (mom)
  9. 썰렁하다
    a bit chilly
  10. 건조하다
    to be dry
  11. 습하다
    humid; damp
  12. 미지근하다
  13. 몸실이 나다
    to suffer from fatigue
  14. 으슬우슬
    shivering; chilly
  15. 한기
    chilly sensation; feeling
  16. 슬슬
    gradually; bit by bit; slowly
  17. 쑤시다
    to feel sharp pains
  18. 대충
    roughly; loosley
  19. (not) at all; never
  20. Korean style mattress
  21. 깔다
    to spread out; to lay out
  22. 그제야
    only then; not until...
  23. 돌이키다
    to look back upon the past; to recollect
  24. 배탈(이) 나다
    to have stomach trouble
  25. 엎드리다
    to lie on one's face
  26. t뒤틀리다
    to be twisted / wrenched
  27. 순환
  28. 습도
  29. 조절되다
    to become regulated; controlled
  30. 오순도순
    happily; friendly
  31. 다스리다
    to rule over
  32. 가족애
    family feeling
  33. 바탕
    foundation; basis
  34. 안방
    the main room; master bedroom; "woman's room:
  35. 사랑방
    man's room for receiving friends or guests
  36. 장독대
    jar stand
  37. 대청나루
    main floor between rooms
  38. 마당
  39. 대문
    main gate / entrance of a home
  40. 서재
    a study
  41. 화단
    flower bed
  42. 황토
    yellow soil
  43. 한옥
    traditional Korean-style house
  44. 묵다
    to stay (at a hotel); to be old
  45. 한식
    Korean style
  46. 바르다
    to paste; to stick
  47. 탁 트이다
    to be wide open
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