SU Level 5 Chapter 19

  1. 감명
  2. 광대
    entertainer; performer; clown
  3. 액션영화
    action movie
  4. 공상과학영화
    science fiction movie
  5. 무협영화
    martial arts movie
  6. 멜로영화
    romance movie
  7. 로맨틱코미다
    romantic comedy
  8. 조조할인
    reduced admission for early morning (matinee)
  9. 심야
    midnight; late night
  10. 억세다
    rough; tough
  11. 넋을 잃다
    be enchanted by; carried away by
  12. 흘기다
    look askance; to give a sidelong reproachful glance
  13. 사로잡히다
    be seized by; caught; be seized by emotion
  14. 벅차오르다
    unbearable / strong feeling
  15. 홈치다
    steal; pinch; pilfer
  16. 가로젓다
    shake head back and forth; disagreement
  17. your child
  18. 추스르다
    straighten out; trim up
  19. 분노
    rage; fury; resentment
  20. 공포영화
    horror movie
  21. 재난영화
    disaster movie
  22. 심야할인
    late night discount
  23. 단체할인
    organizational discount
  24. 질색
    hate; loathe; despise
  25. 고이다
    to gather liquid in a hollow place (ex. tears in eyes, puddles)
  26. 건물처마
    eaves of a building
  27. 흥행
    box office
  28. 작품성
    esthetic value of a piece of art; film; etc.
  29. 독립영화
    independent film
  30. 저예산영화
    low budget film
  31. 감독
  32. 출연
    actors appearing in the film
  33. 사영 시간
    run time; screen time
  34. 관람 등급
    move rating; viewing rating
  35. 개봉
    release date
  36. 장르
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