Ch 19 seizure drugs

  1. trauma and asphyxia
    infectious diseases, fever
    complications of pregnancy
    toxicity, alcohol, drugs
    metabolic, endocrine and nutritional disorders
    = PREVENTABLE/TREATABLE causes of _______
  2. genetic factors
    postvaccination effects
    degenerative disorders
    circulatory disturbances
    = UNPREVENTABLE causes of _______
  3. somatic
    = _______ _______ FOCAL OR PARTIAL SEIZURES
  4. which type of focal or partial seizures are automatism or psychical?
  5. tonic clonic, absence, and myoclonic are all ________ seizures
  6. what is the prototype for treating tonic-clonic and partial seizures?
    phenytoin (Dilantin)
  7. what is the most common barbiturate used in tx of epilepsy?
  8. what is structurally related to tricyclic antidepressants
    used primarily in partial seizures
    special interest in dentistry because it frequently is used to treat trigeminal neuralgia
    and does NOT cause gingival hyperplasia?
    carbamazepine (Tegretol)
  9. what is the most common neurologic disorder?
  10. T/F epilepsy is a SYMPTOM rather than a disease
  11. does a patient remain conscious or unconscious with a jacsonian motor vs jacksonian sensory epilepsy?
  12. what may increase the effects and toxicity of tonic-clonic or partial seizures when taking phenytoin?
  13. what is an ADE of phenytoin seen in the dental office?
    gingival hyperplasia
  14. what is the most difficult seizure management?
    tonic clonic
  15. which seizure are they in an arched position for 10-20 seconds?
    tonic clonic
  16. what seizure is the contraction and relaxation of ALL muscles, hypoxia, and has permanent effects, or even death?
    tonic clonic
  17. what is another term for grand mal seizure?
    tonic clonic
  18. what is another term for petit mal seizure?
  19. a grand mal seizure lasts how long?
    2-5 minutes
  20. which seizure might someone sleep for HOURS post seizure?
    tonic clonic
  21. a seizure with no loss of consciousness "stares into space", eye twitch = _______ _______
    petit mal (absence)
  22. any seizure that doesnt resolve and continues into multiple seizures is called what?
    status epilepticus
  23. which seizure requires immediate attention and lasts longer than 30 minutes?
    status epilepticus
  24. what is an uncomplicated absence seizure med?
    zarontin (ethosuximide)
  25. t/f the more drugs taken = the greater risk for status epilepticus
  26. which drug is structurally related to phenytoin but does NOT result in gingival hyperplasia?
  27. how long must seizures be absent before meds can be taken away?
    2 YEARS
  28. _______ involves the ENTIRE body
  29. what is a delayed rxn of a muscle after a strong prolonged contraction (ie. tonic-clonic)
  30. a phenomenon perceived by a pt that is associated with epilepsy and migraine
  31. what is related to a seizure; preictal means PRIOR to seizure and postictal means FOLLOWING a seizure?
  32. rhythmic body jerks when conscious
  33. what is not needed for tx alt, lasts a few seconds and patient is aware of it?
  34. t/f balance between neural excitation and inhibition is normal brain tissue
  35. what is an excessive cell discharge within the brain?
    seizure disorder
  36. hypnotic = _______ and sedative = ________, and these are both ________
    • awake
    • asleep
    • barbiturates
  37. what should not be taken with benzodiazepines?
  38. what is an ARM convulsant and the MIND is involved?
    jacksonian motor
  39. what is an alternative drug of phenytoin?
  40. what is the PRIMARY drug for absence seizures?
    valproate (valproic acid)
  41. clonazepam is used to treat _______ and _______ seizures resistant to other treatment
    • myoclonic
    • absence
  42. what is the PROTOTYPE for ABSENCE seizures?
    ethosuximide (zarontin)
  43. t/f ethosuximide is used to control seizures
    FALSE! NOT to control seizures
  44. what is an adjunctive therapy in partial and generalized seizures?
  45. treatment for refractory partial and tonic-clonic seizures is what drug?
  46. which drug is used for the tx of refractory complex partial seizures and is approved for bipolar disorder?
  47. what are manifestations of symptoms of seizures?
    • motion disturbance
    • altered level of consciousness
    • loss of consciousness
    • periodic attack of disturbed cerebral function
  48. local discrete spread of excitation when a patient remains CONSCIOUS is called:
    simple partial seizure
  49. the most common populations affected by seizures are younger than ____. Vascular diseases increase the prevalence of epilepsy in the _____ population
    • 1
    • aging
  50. what is an epileptic cry from?
    spasm in the diaphragm when muscles force air out of the lungs
  51. which seizure can result in an epileptic cry?
    tonic clonic
  52. t/f BLS is adequate for most seizures
  53. what should be done if a seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes?
    • call EMS and provide oxygen
    • administer benzodiazepine
  54. which seizure requires immediate intervention?
    status epilepticus
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