unit 13

  1. adapt
    to adjust or change to suit conditions
  2. attest
    to bear witness, affirm to be true or ginuine
  3. dovetail
    to fit together exactly; to connect so as to form a whole; a carpentry figur reasembling a dove's tail
  4. enormity
    the quality of exceeding all moral bounds; an axceedingly evil act; huge size, immensity
  5. falter
    to hesitate, stumble, lose courage; to speak hesitatingly; to lose drive, weaken, decline
  6. forebonding
    a warning or feeling that something bad will happen; marked by fear, ominous
  7. forlorn
    totaly abandoned and helpless; sad and lonely; wreched or pitiful;almost hopelessa
  8. haughty
    chilling proud and scornful
  9. impediment
    a physical defect; a hindrance, obstical
  10. imperitive
    necessary, urgent; a form of a verb expressing a command; that wich is necessary or required
  11. loiter
    to linger in an aimless way, hang around, dwadel, tarry
  12. malinger
    to pretend illness to avoidduty or work, lie down on the job
  13. pithy
    short but full of meaning and to the point
  14. plunder
    to rob by force, especialy during wartime; to sieze wrongfully; property stolen by force
  15. simper
    to smile or speak ina silly, forced way; a silly, forced smile
  16. steadfast
    firmly fixed; contant, not moving or changing
  17. vaunted
    much boasted about in a vain or swaggering way
  18. vilify
    to abuse or belittle unjustly or maliciously
  19. waif
    a person (usualy a child) without a home or a freind; a stray preson or animal; something that comes along by chance, a stray bit
  20. wry
    twisted, turned to one side; cleverly and often grimly humoros
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