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  1. Which part of Medicare has automatic coverage under Social Security
    part A
  2. Which part of Medicare is the optional coverage under Social Security?
    Part B
  3. Which part of Medicare coverage does hospice care cover.
    Part A
  4. Which part of Medicare covers prescription drugs?
    Part D
  5. Which part of Medicare covers physician visits?
    Part B
  6. Which part of Medicare does the beneficiary pay a premium for coverage
    Part B
  7. Which part of Medicare utilizes ICD-9-CM, Vol 1&2, CPT, and HCPCS for payment
    Part B
  8. The major third-party payer in the United States is the _____________
  9. The medicare Program was established in what year?
  10. Hospital insurance is Medicare, Part ___
  11. Supplemental Medical insurance is Medicare, Part ____
  12. Which edition of the federal register is of special interest to hospital facilities?
  13. Which edition of the Federal Register is of special interes to outpatient facilities?
  14. What is the issuing office?
  15. What is the date the provisions of this rule are effective?
  16. According to the summary cestion in Fig. 1-3, what does ARRA stand for?
  17. According to the "for further information contract" section in fig 1-3, who could give you further information related to the issue addressed in this Federal register?
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