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  1. Where is the US farm belt located?
  2. What is the largest island of the US?
  3. What is the tallest active geyser?
    Giant in Yellowstone National Park
  4. What lake has the greatest surface area?
    Lake Superior
  5. How many states are in US?
  6. What is the largest port?
    New York Harbor
  7. What is the 3rd largest City in US?
  8. What is largest city in Albuquerque?
    New Mexico
  9. What city is known as the City of Magnificent Distances?
    Washington D.C.
  10. What city is know as the City of Skyscrapers?
    New York City
  11. What is the largest state in USA?
    Alaska with 1530700 sq. km
  12. How many islands constitute Hawaii?
    8 major islands
  13. What river is a natural border between US and Mexico?
    Rio Grande
  14. Which of the Great Lakes is entirely in the US?
    Lake Michigan
  15. What is the highest peak in the Appalachian Mountains?
    Mount Mitchell
  16. Where is the Grand Canyon located?
  17. What are the oldest mountains in NA?
    Appalachian Mountains
  18. What dam on the Colorado River formed Lake Mead?
    Hoover Dam
  19. What is the region where the Rocky Mountains separate streams flowing into the AT from PA known as?
    Continental Divide
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