OH 103

  1. Buddleja marrubiifolia
    Woolly butterfly bush

    Silvery green leaves with small orbs of orange blooms
  2. Buddleja davidii
    Butterfly bush

    large Shrub or small tree if trained. Purple flower spikes.
  3. Quarcus ilex
    Holly Oak

    Umbrella shaped canopy with fuzzy leaves when young.
  4. Quercus gambelii
    Gambel's Oak

    Bush or shrub. Slow growth
  5. Quercus lobata
    California White Oak

    Smaller leaves, even deep lobed. V shape trunks from co dominant leaders low in the trunk.
  6. Quercus macrocarpa
    Bur Oak

    Biggest of the leaves. Thick foliage close to spurs. Leaves are lobed and get fatter towards the ends.
  7. Quercus muehlenbergii
    Chinquapin Oak

    Scalloped looking lobes. Rounded tooth margin.
  8. Quercus suber
    Cork Oak

    Bark on tree is very rough and is actual cork bark. Pic on phone.
  9. Quercus texana
    Texas Red Oak

    Sharp toothed margin on lobes. Deeply lobed with oval canopy.
  10. Quercus virginiana Heritage
    Southern Live Oak

    Dark green leathery leaves.
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