1. What is the large salt-water lake in Eastern Europe?
    The Caspian Sea
  2. What separates Europe from Africa in the West?
    Strait of Gibraltar
  3. What is the most densely populated country in the French Riviera?
  4. What separates Europe from Asia?
    River Ural
  5. What separate Europe from Asia?
    low Ural Mountains
  6. What separates the British Isles from the mainland?
    English Channel
  7. What is the highest peak in the Alps of Europe?
    Mount Blanc
  8. What is a well-known peak in the Swiss Alps close to the Italian border?
    Mount Matterhorn
  9. What is the highest peak of Europe? Where does it lie?
    Mount Elbrus; Caucasus Mountains, Russia
  10. What are the cyclones of temperate latitudes in Europe called?
  11. What are cultivated in the Mediterranean region of Europe?
    Citrus fruits (oranges and lemons)
  12. What was the first country in the world to develop hydroelectricity?
  13. What region of Europe is the largest producer of olives and olive oil in the world?
  14. What is the only remaining active volcano thats located in the Bay of Naples in Europe?
    Mount Vesuvius(1270 m high
  15. What garden is visited by tourist all over the world and are known for their colorful tulips?
    The Keukenhof Gardens of Netherlands
  16. What is the capital of Norway and its crrency?
    Oslo and currency is Norwegian Krone
  17. What is the chief river of central Italy and where does it flow through?
    River Tiber and flows through Rome into the Mediterranean Sea.
  18. How tall is Mount Blanc?
    It is 4807 m or 15,771
  19. What archipelago has 118 islands, 150 canals, and 400 bridges?
  20. How tall is the Eiffel Tower in PAris, France?
    300 m with antenna it is 321 m.
  21. The Eiffel tower was built according to who and for hat in 1889?
    It was erected too the designer of the engineer, Gustave Eiffel, for the World Fair
  22. What is Venice famous for?
    It is famous for its canals, gondolas, Murano glass FActories, the Bell Tower and Doge's Palace.
  23. When did the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy started sagging and how tall was it?
    It started sagging when it was being built and continued even after multiple attempts to balance it
  24. Where is Bonn and Cologne located?
    River Rhine in Germany
  25. What river links Austria to the Black Sea?
    River Danube
  26. What is the capital of Liechtenstein, its currency, and its official language?
    Vaduz, Swiss Franc, and German, respectively
  27. From where are all distances in Paris are measured?
    Notre Dame Cathedral
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