BIO_EX4_ chp15

  1. Chylomiccrons
    • Very small fatty acids enter the villi directly without being recombined.
    • * Form: fat Molecules, Cholesterol, and phospholipids coated in protein
    • *Move from epithelial cells and into lacteals
    • *Enter the left subclavian vein with lymph
  2. Villi ( Vill=Hairy)
    • Tiny Projections of the small intestine.
    • Provide a very large surface area.
  3. Microvilli
    Further increase the surface area
  4. How Small intestine organise
    • 21 feet long
    • Begining at the pyloric sphincter and ends at the large intestine
    • Site of the most digestion and aborption of nutrients
  5. Small intestine Structure
    • Doudenum: first & shorteest section
    • Jejunum: Middle section
    • Ileum : Last and longest section

    Suspended by mesentery from body wall
  6. Function of liver
    • Secretion of bile
    • Role in carbohydrate digestion
    • Role in lipid digestion
    • Role in protein digestion
  7. Function of liver
    • Detoxifies poisons and harmful chemicals
    • Removes worm out blood cells
    • Synthesis of blood proteins
    • Stores:
    • *Fat
    • *Glycogen
    • *Iron
    • *Several vitamins
  8. What the role of the GAlibladder
    • Store bile between meals
    • Bile salt emulsify( break up) Lipids in chyme.

    • This aid in absortion:
    • fatty acids
    • Cholesterol
    • Fat-soluble vitamins by intestines
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