Bodies of Water

  1. What and where is the highest waterfall?
    Angel waterfall in Venezuela
  2. What is the longest river?
    Nile River in Egypt
  3. What is the largest river?
    The Amazon River
  4. What are the 2 largest rainforest in the world?
    The Congo basin in Africa and The amazon basin in South America
  5. South America is bordered by what 2 oceans?
    PA and AT
  6. WHere is the North pole located?
    It is located n the middle of the Arctic ocean
  7. What is the largest Canadian Lake?
    Lake Winnipeg
  8. What are the Great Lakes?
    LAke Ontario, LAke erie, LAke superior, lake Michigan, and lake huron
  9. HWat does the PAnama Canal connect?
    PA and AT
  10. How many feet below sea level is the Dead Sea?
  11. Where and what is the deepest lake?
    LAke Baikal in Rusia
  12. Examples of bodies of water?
    sea, rivers, and lakes
  13. What affects the temperature of a region?
    the currents in the ocean
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