AEB Mngmt Quiz 4

  1. 3 types of introductory pricing policies
    • Penetration pricing
    • Price skimming
    • Introductory price cuts
  2. Type of pricing, getting as many ppl to buy as possible so they will try it
    Price low so many ppl buy, then price goes up gradually
    Penetration pricing
  3. Type of pricing: start high, then bring price down over time
    Usually lrg companies (have built-in demand)
    ex: video games
    Price skimming
  4. Type of pricing: getting as many ppl to buy as possible so they will try it
    Price low, but make clear it's only an intro price
    Introductory price cuts
  5. 2/10 net 20
    2% dsct if payed w/in 10 dys, otherwise full amt due in 20 dys
  6. Pricing a good below cost to attract customers to purchase other goods
    Loss leader
  7. Pricing technique which is emotionally satisfying
    Psychological pricing
  8. Pricing technique which has higher price to give image of being better
    Prestige pricing, or premium pricing
  9. SWOT analysis stands for:
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
  10. 3 basic strategies of competitive advantage
    • Cost leadership
    • Differentiation
    • Focus (niche)
  11. Goal of Cost Leadership
    To be the low-cost producer in the industry or market segment
  12. Type of competitive advantage in which the company seeks to build cs loyalty by positioning its goods or services in a unique or diff fashion
  13. Steps of the adoption process
    • Awareness
    • Interest
    • Evaluation
    • Trial
    • Decision
    • Reinforce/Reject
  14. Categories of Adopters
    • Innovators
    • Early adopters
    • Early majority
    • Late majority
    • Laggards
  15. Product Life Cycle
    • R&D
    • Introduction
    • Growth
    • Maturity
    • Decline
  16. 3 purposes of promotion
    • To inform
    • To persuade
    • To remind
  17. Path products travel from producer to customer
    Marketing channel
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AEB Mngmt Quiz 4
AEB Mngmt Quiz 4