Phoenix Fire

  1. Organizational Values
    • Service Excellence
    • Embrace Diversity
    • Integrity & Honesty
    • Teamwork
    • Innovation
    • Honor & Respect
    • Communication
  2. The intent of the Phoenix Fire Department Way
    To ensure that we continue to uphold the departments philosophy in our day-to-day interactions with each other and the public
  3. The goal of the Phoenix Fire dept
    To constanly provide the best possible service to the citizens of Phoenix
  4. Summerized mission statement
    • Survive
    • Prevent harm
    • Be nice
  5. Backbone essential traits of the Fire dept
    • Rock solid personal integrity
    • Spotless ethics
    • Trustworthy
    • Responsible
    • Professional
    • Unified
  6. Phoenix Firefighters Association
    Local 493
  7. Punitive action should only be used:
    In conjunction with other corrective measures designed to resolve the problem
  8. Expectations of a firefighter
    • Professional
    • Smart
    • Physically fit
    • Compassionate
    • Empathic
  9. Define RTO - Recruit Trainig Officer
    A fire Captain that is assigned to the Training academy to train recruits
  10. Firefighters, after successful completion of the Training academy, are part of an organized Labor Union called
    The international association of Firefighters
  11. A group of Firefighters assigned to the same piece of apparatus or station is called:
  12. The_____is a comprehensive program that can be accessed by any Fire department member to provide short term counseling in times of need.
    EAP - Employee Assistance Program
  13. A cement multi-story building where most of the training and onsite fire suppression training is done:
    The Burn Building
  14. What is always the first priority at any incident
  15. Divisions of the Phoenix Fire dept. that addresses the entire scope of departmental operations
    • Human Resources
    • Administration
    • Urban Services
  16. The Fire Chief reports to what office
    The City Manager's office
  17. Contracts, special projects, and capital improvements are controlled by
    The Executive Assistant Chief
  18. What occurred in November, 1985 that provided customers of Phoenix quick and professional service
    Implementation of the emergency Transportation Service (ETS)
  19. The division that is responsible for the following:
    Short and long term planning for the dept
    Budgeting & Accounting
    Support functions
    Fiscal Management
    Liason with City Hall
    Labor / Management process
    Administration Division
  20. Safety section review of dept procedures to ensure OSHA compliance and response to emergencies
    Training Academy sections to provide recruits probationary, and ongoing training
    Has four sections
    Human Resources Division
  21. Public Health, Emergency Medical Services, Dept Medical Director
    Continuing education training for Paramedics and EMT's
    Assists in Identifing and controlling public health issues
    Emergency Medical Services Division
  22. Responsible for all aspects of emergency response at Sky Harbor
    Most of the direct customer service is provided to the citzens of Phoenix
    Operations Section
  23. Comprised of 26 cities
    Designed to fully integrate and support a mix of Fire depts during incident operations
    All calls; emergency and non-emergency call are received
    Regional Dispatch Operations
  24. Provides fire code inspections of commercial buildings
    Inspects occupancies that produce hazardous materials
    Reviews plans
    Fire Prevention Division
  25. Define RBO
    Relationship by Objective
  26. Manages new ideas and changes in the
    organization through the use of committees that represent both labor and management.
    The Phoenix Fire Department Way
  27. In an effort to create a universally program for improving health, wellness and fitness within the North American fire service, WHO joined efforts to create the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness / Fitness Initiative
    International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) and the International Association of Fire Chiefs
  28. How was the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness / Fitness Initiative developed?
    A diverse representation of Fire Departments that all had a positive labor Management relationship was brought together
  29. The main areas of focus of the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness / Fitness Initiative
    • Data Collection
    • Fitness
    • Rehabillitation
  30. Traits of the medical exam outlined in the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness / Fitness Initiative
    • Designed to help ID health problems of individuals
    • Performed annually
    • Natural history and health of FF's, medical, fitness, and injuries
  31. Objectives of the medical exam presented in the wellness / fitness initiative
    • To detect any patterns of disease in the workforce
    • To monitor effects of exposure to biological, physical, or chemical agents
    • To comply with Federal, State, Provincial, & local requirements
  32. Components of an effective physical fitness program
    • Fitness evaluations
    • Individual fitness prescriptions
    • Safe workout equipment & facilities
  33. How is muscular strength determined in a fitness evaluation
    Hand grip dynamometer
  34. How is aerobic capacity determined in a fitness evaluation
  35. Optimal________is essential for the safety of the member and the performance of his or her job
    Aerobic Capacity
  36. The oxygen consumption rates associated with performance of live fire, rescue and suppression tasks fall within the range of ________ of maximum.
    60% - 80%
  37. The maximum force that a specific muscle or muscle group can generate defines
  38. Reduced muscular strength can contribute to the high incidence of
    Sprains, Strains, and Back injuries
  39. According to the IAFF Death and Injury Survey, what is the leading type of line of duty injury within the professional Fire Service
    Sprains and Strains
  40. According to the IAFF Death and Injury Survey, The frequency of Firefighter job related injury is how many times greater than that of workers in private indusrty
    4.5 times the rate
  41. Any Firefighter on extended leave status from normal duties for a continuos period of _____ months or more must undergo medical and fitness evaluations prior to returning to full duty.
  42. Types of extended leave
    • Alternate assignment
    • Maternity
    • Leave of absence
    • (Not military)
  43. A proactive injury prevention program should included
    • A physical fitness program
    • A ergonomic analysis of aspects of job
    • A strong commitment to safety from Labor & Management
  44. A component of the Wellness/Fitness Initiative that provides important tools to assist all uniformed personnel in achieving total wellness
    Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  45. What increases an individual's risk for injury, reduces performance, and adversely affects the ability to dissipate heat while working
  46. What factor plays the largest role in exercise performance
  47. Four behaviors that are to be practiced by all Phoenix Fire Department members
    • Consideration
    • Discretion
    • Acceptance
    • Unity
  48. Phoenix Fire Dept. has been serving the citizens of Phoenix since
  49. Percentages of calls received are:
    • 80% medical assistance
    • 10% Fires (brush to building)
    • 10% Various service
  50. Each dispatch is a opportunity to:
    interact positively with the public
  51. Self-discipline is
    the foundation for managing bahavior
  52. The department owes it to the members to keep disciplinary proceedings confidential. Confidential in this sense
    does not mean that nobody will ever find out about the incident.
  53. WHO has shown a consistent positive approach to improving service to the public and maintaining a safe, effective work environment.
    Union leadership
  54. The department's ________ program clearly identifies and defines behavior that are to be practiced by all members
    Internal Relations
  55. A members individualism becomes unacceptable when it
    causes a significant distraction for the group
  56. A ____________issue is best to keep within the organization and out in the open for discussion
    sexual harassment
  57. As a Fire department, we have the responsibility to pass along to future generations our
  58. Our continued employment at a respectable salary is dependent on:
    Our ability to recognize and implement revisions in our duties
  59. Our treatment of the public begins with:
    How we treat each other
  60. What makes the Phoenix Fire Department so capable and successful at serving the public
  61. Phoenix Fire Department responds to approximatley how many dispatches per year
  62. On average each call is viewed by whom:
    • The person who called
    • 2 or 3 Friends
    • Relatives
    • Bystanders
  63. To respond anytime quickly and safely with a positive attitude and provide the best service we can is the reason we exist as Phoenix Firefighters. This is our charge as defined by
    The Fire Chief
  64. What company is often used as a customer service model that answer more than 10,000 customer inquiries a day
    L.L. Bean
  65. There is zero room for ______ on the Phoenix Fire Department
    Prejudice and Intolerance
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