Bistro Specials

  1. What are the ingredents that make up the breadcrumb mixture on the trout?
    • Manchego Cheese
    • Proscuitto
    • Panko Breadcrumbs
  2. How do we cook the trout?
    Cooked in canola oil on a plancha skillet then browned in the oven
  3. What are the portion sizes on the trout?
  4. What items are served with the trout + sauce
    Chive potatoes, finished with sauteed long beans and sherry marinated arkansas tomatoes and brown butter
  5. How is the Atlantic Salmon made?
    It is grill and cooked medium rare-medium
  6. What Starch is on the Atlantic Salmon plate?
    Shrimp Raviolis
  7. Which Veggies are served with Salmon and how are they cooked?
    Pearl Onions and asparagus. The onions are caramalized and then chopped asparagus is added to the pan.
  8. What sauce is served with the Salmon?
    Sherry Shrimp Cream
  9. How do we cook the sea scallops?
    The scallops are seared
  10. how many scallops are served at lunch and dinner
    2 @ lunch 3@ dinner
  11. What herb goes on the top of the scallops and what does it taste like?
    Orange gastrique. It is a syrup made of oj, whit balsamic vinegar, sugar and ginger
  12. Which starch is served with scallops? Describe it?
    Orzo it is rice shaped pasta
  13. Which 2 sauces are served with scallops?
    lemon butter and orange gastrique
  14. Which starch is served with chicken and how do you describe it?
    Crispy Yukon gold potatoes. Buttery pots that are steamed, broken apart and fried.
  15. Describe the sauce on the chicken?
    home made chicken stock with butter, garlic, kalamata olive, red chili and caper berries
  16. how many oz is our lunch beef tenderloin? dinner?
    6 & 8
  17. How is the sauce made on the beef tenderloin?
    Chianti gorgonzol sauce: Chianti wine reduction, veal stock, shallots with butter whipped in.
  18. should you get a temp on beef tenderloin?
  19. Describe temps?
    • rare-cold red center
    • mrare- warm red center
    • medium-hot red center with red juices
    • medwell-hot pink center with pink juices
    • well-hot white center-may have a little pink with clear juices
    • Black & Blue- Charred on the outside, rare in the center
  20. What sauce is served with pork chop? Describe it?
    Caraway-marsala Jus: Meaty and sweet sauce
  21. Describe the starch that comes with pork chop?
    Potato Pave- Similar to scalloped potatos with 3 cheese blend, fontina, Panko breakcrumbs, onions and spinach
  22. What items get preset steak knife
    Single Bone Pork Chop

    Spiced Roasted Duck Breast

    Lamb Chop

    Pan-Roasted Chicken

    Grilled Beef Tenderloin
  23. Describe the Seabass
    Seared 7oz Seabass served over shrimp and spring veggie rositto. Topped with fennel and a rijoa capper jus
  24. How do we cook the lamb and what is the portion size?
    14oz cooked to guest preferance
  25. What is the lambe served with and what is the sauce?
    Fresh pappardelle pasta with toms, basil, garlic and butter. There are also summer veggies (corn, green beans, squash, toms)

    sauce: Basil-garlic jus
  26. which steak items do we NOT get temp
    Pork Chop and Flat Iron and Duck
  27. How is the Duck cooked? Portion Size?
    Lightly Brined with oj, salt, green inions and cilantro, rendered and cooked to medium rare/medium and sliced. 8oz
  28. What is the starch served with Duck?
    Basmati Rice that is cooked with currants, almonds, butter, hervs, and sugar snap peas.
  29. What is the flat iron marinated in and for how long?
    Olive oil and garlic. Then rubbed with crushed black pepper. 4 days?
  30. What is the Flat Iron steak served on top of?
    Sweet Potatos and Red pepper hash
  31. What cut is the flat iron steak and what is special about it?
    Shoulder. 2nd tenderest cut of steak
  32. Which entrees are served at lunch?
    • Pan-Seared Scallops
    • Roasted Chicken
    • Grilled Beef Tenderloin
    • Idaho Rainbow Trout
    • Flat Iron Steak?
    • Atlantic Salmon
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