Ethics Final

  1. Spirit of the Lord will not be resrained
    • When spirit and body are in harmony with each other and the will of God
    • The Spirit enlightens through the world
    • Intelligence is a kind of light susceptibility
  2. The Body is a kind of Urim and Thummim
    • John A. Widtsoe explained that Joseph Smith as and inexperienced las was in need of hlep such as the Urim and Thummim (lights and wholeness) "until by mighty prayer and effort his body and spirit became spiritually 'tuned', seems both logical and scientific
    • Evidences and Reconciliations pg. 91
  3. We as Urim and Thummim
    In the Book of Mormon we learn that when those with the U and T were disobedient, the U and T would not function. Only upon obedience and faith would it funciton to give the direction and revelation being sought. We can become as U and T before the Lord
  4. Erastus Snow
    The Father withholds His spirit from us in proportion as we desire the gratification of our own will. We interpose a barrier between us and our Father...He cannot, consistently with Himself, move upon us so as to control our action
  5. Dr. Larry Dossey
    Era 1
    Body machine: drugs, surgery
  6. Era II
    Mind and body medicine
  7. Era III
    medicine which will include the spiritual dimension in healing
  8. Dr. Larry Dossey
    Moving from dependence only on chemicals for healing to inclusion of energy awareness and treating the whold person-mind, body, spirit
  9. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)
    • Thougths and feeling affect the body's immune system and cause increased or decreased susceptibility to disease
    • Feelings of helplessness, unresolved hostilities and resentment, depression, anger, worry, anxiety, and fear suppress the immune system whereas feelings of love, forgiveness, joy, and peace bolster the immune system
    • 25 years
    • Cellular theory on how to heal
  10. Trusting One's Divine Worth and Immunity
    People who feel powerless, helpless, and out of control generally have compromised immunity, whereas those who feel secure have healthier immune systems.
  11. All matter in our bodies has been designed with intelligence
    "...the brain...freely circulates intelligence throughout the body's entire inner space...the monocytes of the immune system travel throught the bloodstream, giving them free access to every other cell in the body
  12. Psycho-social Dwarfism
    • Size affected by inadquate love at home
    • May refuse to grow even if injected with growth hormone
    • Then grow when placed with people who are loving
  13. Dr. Chopra's Findings...
    Studies with adult male victims of heart attacks concluded that the most significant factor as to whether they lived or died was if they felt that their wives loved them.
  14. President Joseph Fielding Smith
    "Nothing should be held in greater sacredness and honor than the covenant by which the spririts of men, the offspring of God in the spirit, are priveleged to come into this world in mortal tabernacles"
  15. A symbol of Total Union
    If you persist in sharing part (fragmentation)(moral schizophrenia) without the whole (marriage) you may come to that moment of real love, of total union, only to discover that to you horror that what you should have saved has been spent and only God's grace can recover that piecemeal dissipation of your virtue- Elder Holland
  16. Ethical Schools of Thought
    • CONSEQUENTIALISM/ UTILITARIANISM closely aligned with PRAGMATISM and thus a relative perspective
    • DEONTOLOGY- closely aligned with IDEALISM and thus an absolute perspective
    • Absolute thought
    • What ought to be done...what is my duty?
    • What is (moral_ the right thing to do?
    • Focuses on the motive (standard, principle) for the action (prior to the action)
  18. Consequentialism/ Utilitarianism
    • Relativism
    • What is going to happen IF I do this?
    • What is the greatest good for the greatest number of people?
    • Focuses on the consequences of an action (after the action)
  19. Fred Friendly
    • Ethics, working ethics, is the means of reasoning, a road map, a schematic blueprint that we try to follow to make a civilized decision
    • The only fatal ethical sin is avoiding the tough decision that each of you will face in your life
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