Govt Ch 15

  1. Bureaucracy
    a way of organizing people to perform work (govt workers)
  2. Pendleton Civil Service Act
    created a federal civil service so that hiring and promotion would be based on merit rather than patronage
  3. Civil Service
    a system of hiring and promoting based on the merit principle and desire to create nonpartisan government service
  4. Merit Principle
    idea that hiring should be based on entrance exams and promotion ratings o produce administration by people with talent and skill
  5. Hatch Act
    law prohibiting government employees from active participation in partisan politics
  6. Office of Personnel Management
    the office in charge of hiring for most agencies of the federal government
  7. General Schedule Rating
    schedule for federal employees, ranging from GS1 to GS18, by which salaries are determined
  8. Senior Executive Service
    9000 federal government managers
  9. What are the 3 theories of bureaucracy?
    • Weberian Model
    • Acquisitive, monopolistic
    • Garbage cans
  10. Weberian Model of Bureaucracy
    hierarchical authority structure uses task specialization and develops extensive rules; operates on merit principle and they behave with impersonality
  11. Acquisitive, Monopolistics Model of Bureaucracy
    maximizing budget and expanding power; monopolistic of services
  12. Garbage Can Theory of Bureaucracy
    loose collection of ideas rather than a coherent structure; organizations have solutions in search of a problem
  13. What are the 4 types of organization for bureaucracies?
    • cabinet departments
    • regulatory agencies
    • government corporations
    • independent Executive agencies
  14. Examples of cabinet departments.
    Education, energy, commerce, Native Americans, Social Security
  15. Examples of regulatory agencies.
    Federal Reserve Board & National Labor Relations Board (responsible for some sector of the economy)
  16. Examples of government corporations.
    Postal service
  17. Examples of independent executive agencies.
    National Science Foundation & NASA
  18. Policy Implementation
    the stage of policymaking between the policy establishment and the consequences/results of that policy
  19. What are the 3 elements of policy implementation?
    • creation of a new agency/repurposing of old
    • translation of policy goals into rules/guidelines
    • coordination of resources/personnel to achieve goals
  20. What are 6 reasons why policies fail?
    • program design
    • lack of clarity of duties
    • lack of resources
    • administrative routine
    • administrator's disposition
    • fragmentation
  21. Standard Operating Procedures
    bring uniformity to complex organizations
  22. Administrative Discretion
    authority of administration to select among various responses to a given problem
  23. Street Level Bureaucrats
    bureaucrats who are in constant contact with the public and have administrative discretion
  24. Regulation
    use of governmental authority to control or change some practice in the private sector
  25. What is an example of the bureaucratic system working effectively?
    Voting Rights Act of 1965
  26. Regulations contain what 3 elements?
    • grant of power and directions from Congress
    • set of rules and guidelines
    • means of enforcing compliance
  27. Command & Control Policy
    existing system of regulation whereby government tells business how to reach certain goals, checks that commands are followed, and punishes offenders
  28. Incentive System
    market-like strategies are used to manage public policy
  29. Deregulation
    lifting of restrictions on business/industry for which government rules had been established and bureaucracies had been created to administer
  30. Executive Orders
    orders from president carry force of law and implement statutes, treaties, and provisions of the Constitution
  31. Iron Triangle
    bureaucratic agency, congressional subcommittee, and interest group who create an "issue network" to shape policies about a particular issue
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