Govt Ch 9

  1. What three things does success in the nomination game require?
    • money
    • media attention
    • momentum
  2. Campaign Strategy
    master game plan candidates lay out to guide their electoral campaign
  3. What is the first step toward party nomination?
    Having a strong electoral base
  4. National Party Convention
    supreme power within the party works to selec presidential and vice presidential candidates and write a party platform
  5. What are the two paths to the national convention?
    • caucus
    • primary
  6. Presidential Primaries
    voters in a state go tothe polls and vote for a candidate or delegates pledged to that candidate
  7. McGovern-Fraser Commission
    commission formed at 1968 Democratic convention in response to demands for reform by minority groups and others who sought better representation
  8. Superdelegates
    politicians awarded convention seats on the basis of their position as party officeholders and officials
  9. Frontloading
    recent tendency of states to hold primaries early in the calendar in order to capitalize on media attention
  10. What are the two most important states for primaries and caucuses?
    Iowa and New Hampshire
  11. What are three criticisms of primaries and caucuses?
    • disproportionate attention to early primaries/caucuses
    • money plays too big a role
    • system gives too much power to media
  12. What are two proposals to replace caucuses and primaries?
    • National Primary
    • Regional Primaries
  13. National Primary
    a proposal that would replace caucuses and primaries with a national primary held early in the election year
  14. Regional Primaries
    a proposal that would replace caucuses and primaries with a series of primaries hld in each geographic region
  15. Party Platform
    party's statement of its goals and policies for the nex 4 years; formal statement of party beliefs
  16. Campaign
    candidates allocate their scarce resources of time, money, and energy to achieve political objectives
  17. Direct Mail
    method of raising money for a political cause/candidate by sending info and requests for money to people whose names appear on lists of those who have supported similar views or candidates in the past
  18. The amount of media candidates receive is determined by what 2 factors?
    • use of advertising budget
    • "free" attention as newsmakers
  19. Federal Election Campaign Act
    created the Federal Election Commission, provided public financing for presidential primaries and general elections, limited presidential campaign spending, required disclosure, and attempted to limit contributions
  20. What were 2 goals of the Federal Election Campaign Act?
    • tighten reporting requirements for contributions
    • limit overall expenditures
  21. Buckley v. Valeo
    Supreme Court struck down as a violation of free speech the portion of the FEC act that limited the amount individuals could contribute to their own campaigns
  22. Soft Money
    political contributions earmarked for party-building expenses at the grassroots level or for generic party advertising - not subject to limits
  23. PAC
    funding vehicles formed through a corporation, union or interest group
  24. What type of relationship exists between PACs and candidates?
  25. "the doctrine of sufficiency"
    the idea that enough money must be spent to get a message across effectively, but outspending the opponen is not always necessary
  26. What 3 effects do campaigns have on voters?
    • reinforcement
    • activation
    • conversion
  27. What are 3 factors that weaken campaigns' impact on voters?
    • selective perception of people
    • people continue to identify with parties
    • incumbents start with name recognition and a track record
  28. Selective Perception
    phenomenon that people often pay attention most to things they already agree with and interpret according to their own predispositions
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