1. The male gonads are known as the:
  2. The region within a "triangle" created by the ischial tuberosities and the symphysis is the
    urogenital triangle
  3. the blood-testis barrier is formed by tight junctions between which cells
    sustentacular cells
  4. sperm production occurs in the
    seminiferous tubules
  5. which hormone is responsible for the stimulation of sperm production
    follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
  6. The testes perform 2 primary functions:
    spermatogenesis and secretion of hormones
  7. refers to the release of enzymes contained within the acrosome
  8. aka "the anabolic hormone"
  9. Functions of the epididymis:
    • -a duct through which sperm travel on their journey to the exterior of the body
    • -maturation of spermatozoa
    • -secretion of a portion of seminal fluid
  10. the ejaculatory ducts are formed by the union of the
    seminal vesicles and ampulla
  11. accessory reproductive glands produce(s) a secretion rich in fructose
    seminal vesicles
  12. accessory gland(s) secrete an alkaline substance
    • -seminal vesicles
    • -bulbourethral gland
  13. most common cancer in American men is cancer of the
  14. True or False: Sperm may be stored in the vas deferens for up to a month with no loss of fertility
  15. Functional sterility results when sperm count falls below:
    25 million/ ml of semen
  16. following factor related to sperm does NOT affect male fertility
  17. Decreased sperm production
  18. testes normally descend into the scrotum about ___months before birth
  19. if a baby is born with undescended testes a condition known as___results
  20. a common noncancerous condition of the prostate in older men is known as
    benign prostatic hypertrophy
  21. condition in which the foreskin fitts so tightly over the glans that it cannot retract
  22. failure to achieve an erection of the penis is called
    impotence or erectile dysfunction
  23. an accumulation of fluid in the scrotum is
  24. intestines push through the weak area of the abdominal wall that separates the abdominopelvic cavity from the scrotum
    inguinal hernia
  25. testes are suspended outside the body cavity to do which
    keep them cooler
  26. sperm are found in the walls of the
    seminiferous tubule
  27. the scrotum provides an environment that is approx ____ for the testes
    3 degrees cooler than the body temp
  28. produces testosterone
    interstitial cells
  29. part of the sperm that contains genetic info
  30. functions of testosterone
    • -causes deepening of voice
    • -promotes development of the male accessory organs
    • -causes greater muscular development and strength
  31. sperm production is called
  32. secretion of the sperm that contrains enzymes that enable it to break down the covering of the ovum and permit entry should contact occur is the
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