freshman sat vocab

  1. abridge
    verb condense or shorten
  2. accesible
    adjective condense or shorten
  3. adversary
    noun opponent
  4. affable
    adjective easily approachable or warmly friendly
  5. altruistic
    adjective unselfishly generous or concerned for others
  6. anarchist
    n person who seeks to overturn the established government or advocate of abolishing authority
  7. antidote
    noun medicine to counteract a poison or disease
  8. apprehension
    noun fear
  9. articulate
    adjective effective or distinct
  10. ascetic
    adjective practicing self-denial or austere
  11. augment
    verb to increase or add to
  12. aversion
    noun firm dislike
  13. bigotry
    noun stubborn intolerance
  14. braggart
    noun boaster
  15. candor
    noun frankness or open honesty
  16. coercion
    noun use of force to get someone to obey
  17. compliance
    noun readiness to yield or conformity in fulfilling requirements
  18. conciliatory
    adjective reconciling or soothing
  19. conflagration
    noun great fire
  20. contend
    verb struggle or compete or assert earnestly
  21. cordial
    adjective gracious or heartfelt
  22. cryptic
    adjective mysterious or hidden or secret
  23. deference
    noun courteous regard for another's wish
  24. deplore
    verb regret or disapprove of
  25. derivative
    adjective unoriginal or derived from another source
  26. detrimental
    adjective harmful or damaging
  27. digression
    noun wandering away from the subject
  28. disclose
    verb reveal
  29. discriminating
    adjective able to see differences or prejudiced
  30. disparage
    verb belittle
  31. disseminate
    verb distribute or spread or scatter (like seeds)
  32. document
    verb provide written evidence
  33. eclectic
    adjective composed of elements drawn from disparate sources
  34. elusive
    adjective evasive or baffling or hard to grasp
  35. enhance
    verb increase or improve
  36. equivocal
    adjective ambiguous or intentionally misleading
  37. eulogy
    "noun expression of praise
  38. execute
    verb put into effect or carry out
  39. exhilarating
    adjective invigorating and refreshing or cheering
  40. explicit
    adjective totally clear or definite or outspoken
  41. extricate
    verb free or disentangle
  42. fanaticism
    noun excessive zeal or extreme devotion to a belief of cause
  43. flagrant
    adjective conspicuously wicked or blatant or outrageous
  44. furitive
    adjective stealthy or sneaky
  45. galvanize
    verb stimulate by shock or stir up or revitalize
  46. garrulous
    adjective loquacious or wordy or talkative
  47. gravity
    noun seriousness
  48. hamper
    verb obstruct
  49. haughtiness
    noun pride or arrogance
  50. heresy
    noun opinion contrary to popular belief or opinion contrary to accepted religion
  51. hypothetical
    adjective based on assumptions or hypotheses or supposed
  52. impair
    verb injure or hurt
  53. implement
    verb put into effect or supply with tools
  54. incisive
    adjective cutting or sharp
  55. inconsequential
    adjective insignificant or unimportant
  56. indiscriminate
    adjective choosing at random or confused
  57. inherent
    adjective firmly established by nature or habit
  58. insipid
    adjective lacking in flavor or dull
  59. intervene
    verb come between
  60. invert
    verb turn upside down or inside out
  61. lateral
    adjective coming from the side
  62. lavish
    adjective generous or openhanded or extravagant or wasteful
  63. listless
    adjective lacking in spirit or energy
  64. materialism
    noun preoccupation with physical comforts and things
  65. mitigate
    verb appease or moderate
  66. nonchalance
    noun indifference or lack of concern or composure
  67. obliterate
    verb destroy completely
  68. ominous
    adjective threatening
  69. opulence
    noun extreme wealth or luxuriousness or abundance
  70. partisan
    adjective one-sided or prejudiced or committed to a party
  71. pessimism
    noun belief that life is basically bad or evil or gloominess
  72. placate
    verb pacify or conciliate
  73. precocious
    adjective advanced in development
  74. pretentious
    adjective ostentatious or pompous or making unjustified claims or overly ambitious
  75. profound
    adjective deep or not superficial or complete
  76. provincial
    adjective pertaining to a province or limited in outlook or unsophisticated
  77. quibble
    noun minor objection or complaint
  78. quandry
    noun dilemma
  79. rebuttal
    noun refutation or response with contrary evidence
  80. redundant
    adjective superfluous or repetitious or excessively wordy
  81. renounce
    verb abandon or disown or repudiate
  82. reprove
    verb censure or rebuke
  83. resolution
    noun determination or resolve
  84. retract
    verb withdraw or take back
  85. robust
    adjective vigorous or strong
  86. saturate
    verb soak thoroughly
  87. seclusion
    noun isolation or solitude
  88. somber
    adjective gloomy or depressing or dark or drab
  89. static
    adjective unchanging or lacking development
  90. substantiate
    verb establish by evidence or verify or support
  91. surpass
    verb exceed
  92. sycophant
    noun servile flatterer or bootlicker or yes man
  93. terse
    adjective concise or abrupt or pithy
  94. transmute
    verb change or convert to something different
  95. trite
    adjective hackneyed or commonplace
  96. uniformity
    noun sameness or monotony
  97. venerate
    verb revere
  98. vindicate
    verb clearfrom blame or exonerate or justify or support
  99. winsome
    adjective agreeable or gracious or engaging
  100. zealot
    noun fanatic or person who shows excessive zeal
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