Greenberg Spinal Cord

  1. Pedicle
    • Pedicle- in between transv processes
    • lamina- back side of foramen
  2. SC
    • Cerival- oval
    • Thoracic- round
    • Lumbar- cauda, triangular
    • Sacrum/coccyx
  3. Landmarks
    • Conus medularis- L1 (L1/L2) --> lumbar punctur L3/L4
    • top of iliac cres- L3/L4
    • Dermatomes:
    • Back of head C2
    • Nipples T4Top foot L5
    • Perianal S3
  4. COrd Segments
    • White matter inc as go rostral
    • Gray matter more at cervical and lumbar

    • *Cervical: big w & big g
    • *Thoracic: good w & small g
    • *L/S: small w & big g
  5. Receptors
    • Larger R field, more diff to discriminate exact pt of stimuli
    • Transduction: stim alters perm of R memb->changes transmemb potential of R->production of generator potential->generation of AP, processed by CNS
  6. Subconscious Sensory Pathways
    • (alpha order)
    • Cuneocerebellar Tract- above C8
    • rise w/ fasic cuneatus synapse medulla, ips enters cerebell ICP
    • Dorsal Spinocerebellar (C8-L2)
    • synapse nucleus of Clarke, ips to cerebell ICP
    • Ventral Spinocerebellar (below L2)
    • X at entry, asc to pons, X back, desc into cerebellum SCP
  7. Deep Tendon Reflexes
    • Biceps- C5/C6
    • Brachioradialis- "
    • Triceps- C7
    • Knee-L3/L4
    • Ankle- S1/S2
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Greenberg Spinal Cord
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