Geograpy-development and health-differences in development

  1. Taiwan Physical reasons
    • Monsoon climate ideal for the production of rice, rubber, palm oil
    • Located on the paciffic rim with excellent trade routes in that area
  2. taiwan human reasons
    • hardworking, enterpreneurial, low cost chines population
    • high standards of literacy and investment by TNC's in manafacturing especially in labour intensive industries(toys, footwear, textiles)
    • exploiting cheap labour has stimulated the demand for secondry products
    • Stable government which has encoueaged the investment of multi-national companies with no strike agreements
  3. Ethiopia physical reasons
    • Frequent droughts which can wipe out several years harvest
    • in northern ethiopia there are steep sided mountains which have been widely eroded
  4. ethiopia human reasons
    • Long civilwars between north and South has destroyed much of the infrastructure with little money invested in social programmes
    • people are very poor and undernourished and have nothing to fall back on when crops fail year after year
    • high birthrate and lowering deathrate mean that the population is growing. family planning has had little impact due to traditional attitudes and family values
    • most people are very poor, the literacy is very low and there is a lack of demand for secondry products. there is an over reliance on production of primary products
    • Lack of natural resources, especially oil, hit the economy badly and the failure of Ethiopia to repay its debt to the west
  5. Differences in brazil
    • Places such as Amazon basin have very low population densities and standards of living. with the inhospitable climate, poor soils and unfriendly natives this is a badly developed area of Brazil. few roads and lack of basic infrastructure mean health and education are not good as people dont wont to work there. few jobs in anything other than primary industries
    • most people live on coasts where climate is a lot better and it is easier to grow crops. most of the large cities are on the coast and are a magnet to migrant workers who work in manafacturing and service industries that have developed around ports
    • large amount of investment in education, healthcare and infrastructure
    • Cities are where the political power lies and most goverments will invest money in living conditions of people in cities
    • lack of investment in rural states-eg) North east brazil has seen rural degradation and out migration to other states
    • Difference between favellas in middle class. favellas lack basic sanitation and access to education and healthcare
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Geograpy-development and health-differences in development
Geograpy-development and health-differences in development