1. Credulous means:

    C. gullible
  2. Because of his credulous nature, they took advantage of him and tricked him time and time again.
    What is the simple subject of this sentence:

    C. they
  3. Which sentence is written correctly?

    D. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the request, the lawyer faxed the document to the judge.
  4. The cler absconded with the company's payroll.
    This is a(n)_________sentence.

    C. declarative
  5. What is the simple predicate of this sentence?

    D. absconded
  6. absconded means:

    A. fled
  7. which of the sentence below is most clear and correct?

    D. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert found the puppies when they were six weeks old.
  8. The PTA held_____annual fundraiser.

    A. their
  9. The door swung open. We spun around. We saw Kyle Adams. He staggered into the room
    To improve sentence fluency, how could you state the infomation above in a single sentence?

    B. When the door swung open, we saw Kyle Adams as he staggered into the room.
  10. She worked hard to perpetrate the memory of her mother's good deeds.
    What is the error in this sentence?

    D. perpetrate
  11. The rapacity of our vile, disgusting, and depicable stepfather was not sagisfied until he had taken all that we had.
    Which words are redundant in the sentence above?

    D. vile, digusting
  12. Rapacity means:

    D. greed.
  13. Which sentence is the clearest?

    C. There is a letter in your post office box written by your supervisor.
  14. Which phrase is misplaced in the sentence below?
    Jennifer mailed a sympathey card to the family of the dead man in a hurry.

    A. in a hurry
  15. Johanna________broke the ceramic vase.

    B. addidentally
  16. The veternarian stood__________as Tyrone and Misha looked at_______dog in the cage.

    A. stationary, their
  17. Yesterday, Mia

    D. arrived late.
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