chap 27

  1. Asexual reproduction
    • One parent produces genetically identical offspring
    • Very rapid reproduction
  2. Asexual reproduction can proceed via:
    • Budding
    • Fission
    • Fragmentation/regeneration
  3. Sexual reproduction
    • Involves the fusion of gametes from two parents
    • Resulting in genetic variation among offspring
    • Increased reproductive success in changing environments
  4. Hermaphroditism
    • One individual with male and female reproductive systems
    • Easier to find a mate for animals less mobile or solitary
  5. External fertilization
    • Many fish and amphibian species
    • Eggs and sperm are discharged near each other
  6. Internal fertilization
    • Some fish and amphibian species
    • Nearly all terrestrial animals
    • Sperm is deposited in or near the female reproductive tract
  7. Cleavage
    • A rapid series of cell divisions
    • More cells
    • Embryo does not get larger
  8. Pattern formation
    • Organizes the animal's body
    • Tissues and organs develop
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