Nigeria study guide

  1. True or false; The judiaciary of Nigeria is independent.
  2. The federalism of Nigeria is supported largely by control over this...
    Petroleum Revenue
  3. What is the organizational base of most political parties in nigeria?
    Religion and Ethnicity
  4. Between 1805 and 1960, the colonial rulers of Niegria were from this empire?
  5. Know each Tribal-regional pairs in Nigeria!
    • Housa-Philani: Northwest;
    • Yaruba: Southwest;
    • Igbo: Southeast
  6. In what year did Nigeria become independent?
  7. How does political recruitment occur?
    Through the Military
  8. What is the strategy behind "indirect rule"?
    Local leaders were trained to rule areas. Britain supported the role of traditional leaders and would gaion their trust.
  9. The 1999 constitution allows for a presidential with this type of legislature...
    bicameral (senate and national assembly)
  10. Although Obasanjo is also a military general, how is he different than the previous rulers of nigeria?
    He was directly elected instead of simply assuming power
  11. Iran, Nigeria and Mexico are all considered what type of countries?
    Newly industrialized
  12. The political system follows the characteristics of fragmentation. Be able to describe how Nigeria fits the description.
    Fragmentation divides the country based of religion, regions, and ethnicity
  13. In Nigeria, how are patrons usually linked to clients?
    ethnicity and religion
  14. What is one of the major advantages that Nigeria holds over mexico?
    Arable land/farmland
  15. What is the most significant problem with nigerias current electoral proccess?
    Election fraud
  16. What is the political policy making center in nigeria?
    President [excecutive branch]
  17. What is the main goal of the structural adjustment program supported by the World bank and the internTIONl monetary Fund?
    To Restructure economy; diversify it.
  18. What are the main Contributors for the high levels of corruption in Nigeria?
    Preventalism, Patron-client system
  19. Who runs the public utilities in Nigeria?
  20. Which groups have the most influence on the Nigerian State?
    Religious ethnic groups
  21. What have multiple ethnic idenities contributed to in Nigeria?
  22. Another word for clientalism is
  23. The population in the North is primarily this religion:
  24. Nigerians subscribe to the idea of demoncracy, but they still ____ individual politicians
    Distrust (denigrate)
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