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  1. stock marcket
    a system for buying and selling shares of company
  2. bulll marcket
    rising stocks
  3. margin
    small cash dowpayment
  4. margin call
    demanding the investors repay the loan at once
  5. speculations
    investing money at great risks with the anticipation that the price will rise
  6. installment
    pay small payments now and the rest later
  7. bailiffs
    court officers
  8. shantytowns
    a poor section of towns consisting of crudely built dwelling useally made of wood.
  9. hoovervilles
    blaming the president for there problems
  10. hobos
    a homeless and useally penniless wanderer
  11. dust bowl
    southern great plains severely damaged by droughts and dust storms during 1930
  12. soap opera
    shows that were sponcered but soap prodcts
  13. goverment works
    govermant financed buildings projects
  14. relief
    money that went diectly to improverished familys
  15. forclosed
    taking possession of and evicting the family
  16. gold standard
    one ounce of gold equaled a set of dollars
  17. fireside chats
    direct talks FDR held with the american ppl to let thenknow what he was trying to accomplish
  18. deficit spending
    gov practice of spending borrowed money rather than raising taxes ,useallyan attempt to boost the economy
  19. binding arbitration
    in which a neutral party would listin to both sides and decide the issues
  20. sit down strike
    method of botcotting work by sitting down at work and refusing to leave the establishment
  21. social security
    a law requiring workers and employers to pay tax
  22. broker state
    working out conflicts among intreests
  23. safty nets
    something the provides security against misfortune
  24. anarchists
    people who appos all forms of gov
  25. eugenics
    a pseudo science that deal with the gentics
  26. flapper
    a young dramitic stylish and uncoventional women
  27. evolution
    humans had develpod over hundereds of years from life forms
  28. creationism
    the beilf that god made us
  29. police power
    gov powers to control ppl and property in the intrest of puplic safty, health, welfare and morel
  30. speakeasies
    secret bars where you can buy alcohol
  31. bohemian
    artistic and unconvential lifestyle
  32. mass medai
    radio, moves, newspaper, and mags
  33. jazz
    a style of music influenced by dixieland music and ragtime.
  34. blues
    a soulfilled style of music that evoled from african american spirituals
  35. normalcy
    to return to normal life after the war
  36. immunity
    freedom from prosecution
  37. mass production
    large scale production manufacturing usally done by machinery
  38. assembly line
    a production system with machine and workers arranged so each person performs an assigned task again and agian
  39. welfare capitalism
    system in which compaines enable employers to buy stock, participate in profits sharing, and recive med care
  40. open shop
    a workplace where employees are not required to join a union
  41. suppl side economics
    economic theory that will lower taxes will bost the econmy as busnisses and individual invest thier money
  42. copper individualism
    pres hoover policy of the encouraging manufacturer and distributors to form there own oragiztion and volunteer into the gov
  43. morotorium
    to pause
  44. isolationism
    national policy of avoidling involment in world affirs
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