skeletal System

  1. acetabul
    hip socket, acetabulum
  2. -um
    structure, tissue
  3. acetabulum
    cup-shaped socket of the hipbone into which the thighbone futs
  4. a-
  5. chrondr/o
    cartilage (cf)
  6. -plasia
    formation (s)
  7. achondroplasia
    Defect in the formation of cartilage at the epiphyses of long bones
  8. acr/o
    extremity (cf)
  9. arthr
    joint (r)
  10. -itis
    inflammation (s)
  11. acroarthritis
    Inflammation of the joints of the hands or feet
  12. acr
    extremity, point
  13. -omion
    shoulder (s)
  14. ankyl
    stiffening, crooked
  15. -osis
    condition (usually abnormal)(s)
  16. ankylosis
    condition of stiffening of a joint
  17. -algia
  18. arthralgia
    pain in a joint
  19. arthritis
    Inflammation of a joint
  20. -centesis
    surgical puncture
  21. arthrocentesis
    surgical puncture of a joint for removal of fluid
  22. -plasty
    surgical repair
  23. arthroplasty
    Surgical repair of a joint
  24. -scope
    instrument used to examine the interior of a joint
  25. bursa
    Padlike sac between muscles, tendons, and bones that is lined with synovial membrane and contans a fluid, synovia
  26. burs
    a pouch
  27. pursitis
    inflammation of a bursa
  28. calcan/e
    heel bone
  29. -al
    pertaining to
  30. calcaneal
    pertaining to the heel bone
  31. calcium (Ca)
    mineral that is essential for bone growth, teeth developoment, blood coagulation, and many other funtions
  32. carp
  33. Carpal
    Pertaining to the wrist bones. There are twwo rows of four bones in the wrost for a total of eight wrist bones.
  34. cartil
  35. -age
    related to
  36. chondr
  37. chondral
    pertaining to cartilage
  38. cost
  39. chondrocostal
    pettaining to rib cartlilage
  40. clavicul
    clavile, collar bone
  41. -ar
    pertaining to
  42. clavicular
    pertaining to the clavicle (collar bone)
  43. coccyg/e/o
    coccyg, tailbone
  44. coccygeal
    pertaining to the coccyx (tailbone)
  45. -dynia
  46. coll/a
  47. -gen
    formation, produce
  48. collagen
    fibrous insoluble protein found in the connective tissue, skin, ligamemnts, and cartilage
  49. connect
    to bind together
  50. -ive
    nature of
  51. connective
    pertaining to or binding together
  52. cost/o
  53. costal
    pertaining to the rib
  54. stern
  55. costosternal
    pertaining to a rib and the sternum
  56. crani/o
  57. -ectomy
    surgical excision
  58. -tomy
  59. craniectomy
    surgical excision of a portion of the skell,
  60. craniotomy
    incision into the skill
  61. dactyl/o
    finger or toe
  62. dactylic
    pertaining to the finger or toe
  63. -gram
    mark, record
  64. dactylogram
  65. dis
  66. locat
    to place
  67. -ion
  68. dislocation
    displacement of a bone from a joint
  69. femor
    femur; the thigh bone, the longest bone in the body
  70. femoral
    pertaining to the femur
  71. fibul
  72. -ar
    pertaining to
  73. fibular
    pertaining to the fibula; the smaller of the two lower leg bones
  74. fixat
  75. fixation
    process of holding or fastening in a fixed position; making rigid, immobilizing
  76. flatfoot
    abnormal flatness of the sole and arch of the foot; also known as pes planus
  77. genu valgum
  78. genu varum
  79. gout
    hereditary metabolic disease that is a form of acute arthritis; usually begins in the knee or foot but can affect any joint.
  80. hallux
    big or great toe
  81. hammertoe
    acquired flexion deformity of the ingerphalangeal joint
  82. humer
  83. humeral
    pertaining to humerus
  84. hydra
  85. hydrarthrosis
    accumulation of watery fluid in cavity of a joint
  86. ili (ili/o)
  87. iliac
    pertaining to the ilium
  88. sacr
  89. iliosacral
    pertaining to the ilium and the sacrum
  90. iner
  91. cost
  92. intercostal
    pertaining to between the ribs
  93. isch/i
  94. ischial
    pertaining to the ischium, hip
  95. ischialgia
    pain in the ischium, hip
  96. kyph
    a hump
  97. kyphosis
    a humpback
  98. lamin
    lamina (thin plate)
  99. -ectomy
    surgical excision
  100. lalminectomy
    surgical excision of a vertebral posterior arch
  101. ligament (lig)
    band of fibrous connective tissue that connects bones, cartilages, and other structures; also serves as a olace for the attachment of fascia
  102. lord
    swayback, curve, bending
  103. lordosis
    abnormal anterior curvature of the lumbar spine (swayback)
  104. lumb
    loin, lower back
  105. lumbar
    pertaining to loins
  106. -dynia
  107. lumbodynia
    pain in the loins
  108. mandibul
    lower jawbone
  109. mandibular
    pertaining to the lower jawbone
  110. maxill
  111. maillary
    pertraining to the upper jawbone
  112. menisc
  113. -ous
  114. meniscus
    ctescent-shaped interarticular fibrocartilage structure foind in certain joints, especially the latereal and dedical menisci (semilunar cartilages) of the knee joint.
  115. meta
  116. carp
  117. metacarpals
    Pertaining to the bones of the hand there are five radiating bones in the fingers
  118. metacarpectomy
    surgical exicion of one or more bones of the hand
  119. myel
    bone marrow
  120. myelitis
    Inflammation of the bone marrow
  121. myeloma
    tumor of the bone marrow
  122. -poiesis
  123. myelopoiesis
    formation of bone marrow
  124. olecran
  125. olecranal
    pertaining to the elbow
  126. orthopedics
    branch of medicine concerned with diseases and disorders involving locomotor structures of the body
  127. othopedist
    physician who specializes in orthopedics
  128. oste/o
  129. osteoarthirutus (OA)
    Inflammation of the bone and joint
  130. osteoblast
    bone-forming cell
  131. carncin
  132. costeocarcinoma
    cancerous tumor of a bone; new growth of epithelial tissue
  133. osteochondritis
    inflammation of the bone and cartiliage
  134. chondr
  135. genesis
    formation, produce
  136. osteogenesis
    formation of bone
  137. -malacia
  138. osteromalacia
    softening of the bones
  139. osteomyelitis
    inflammation of the bone marrow
  140. -penia
  141. osteopenia
    deficiency of bone tissue, regardless of the cause
  142. por
    a passage condition
  143. osteoporosis
    condition that results in reduction of bone mass
  144. sarc
  145. osteosarcoma
    malignant tumor of the bone; cancer arising from connective tissue
  146. -tome
    instrument to cut
  147. osteotome
    instrument used for cutting bone
  148. patell
  149. patellar
    pertaining to the patella; the kneecap
  150. ped
  151. pedal
    pertaining to the foot
  152. peri
  153. -edema
  154. periosteoedema
    swelling around a bone
  155. phalang/e
    phalanges (finger and toe bones)
  156. phalangeal
    pertaining to the bones of the fingers and the toes
  157. phos
  158. phor
  159. phosphorus (p)
    mineral that is essential in bone fomation, muscle contraction. and many other functions
  160. poly
    many. much
  161. polyarthritis
    inflamation of more than one or many joints
  162. rach/i
  163. -graph
    record, instrument used for recording
  164. rachigraph
    instrument used to measure the curvature of the spine
  165. rad/i
  166. radial
    pertaining to the readius (latera lower arm bone in line with the thumb). a radial pulse can be found on the thumb side of the arm.
  167. radi/o
  168. radiograph
    also called radiogram, a film or record o n thich an x-ray image is produced
  169. re
  170. duct
    to lead
  171. reduction
    manipulative or surgical procedure used to correct a fracture or hernia
  172. rheumat
  173. -oid
  174. rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
    chronic sustemic disease characterized by inflammation of the joints. stiffness, pain, and swelling that results in crippling deformities.
  175. rickets
    deficiency condition in children pri;marily caused by a lack of vitamin D; can also result from inadequate intake of excessive loss of calcium
  176. scapul
    shoulder blade
  177. scapular
    pertainig to the shoulder blade
  178. scoli
  179. scoliosis
    condition of lateral curvature of the spine. the characteristic signs include asymmetry of the trunk, uneven shoulders and hips. a one sided rib hump. and a prominent scapula.
  180. spin
  181. spinal
    pertaining to the spine
  182. splint
    appliance uesed for fixation, support, and rest of an injured body part
  183. spondy
  184. spondylitis
    inflammation of one or more vertebrae
  185. sprain
    twisting a joint that causes pain and disability
  186. spur
    sharp or pointed projection, as on a bone
  187. sternal
    pertaing to the sternum
  188. sternotomy
    surgical incision of the sternum
  189. clavicacul
    clavicl, collar bone
  190. subclavicular
    pertaining to beneath the clavicle
  191. subcostal
    pertaining to beneath the rib
  192. submaillia
    below the jaw or mandible
  193. sym
  194. physis
  195. symphysis
    state of growing together
  196. tendon
  197. tendonitis
    inflammation of the tendons
  198. tennis elbow
    usually caused by strain, as in playing tennis, chronic condition characterized by pain caused be excessive pronation and supination activities of the forearm
  199. tibi
    tibia or shin bone
  200. tibial
    pertaining to the tibia
  201. tract
    to draw
  202. traction (Tx)
    process of drawing or pulling on bones or muscles to relieve displacement and facilitate healing
  203. uln
    ulna or elbow
  204. ulnar
    pertaining to the ulda (medial lower arm bone) or to the nerve or arter named from it. The ulna is located on the little finger side of the arm.
  205. ulnocarpal
    pertaining to the ulna side of the wrist
  206. vertebr
  207. vertebral
    pertaining to the vertebra
  208. vertebrosternal
    pertaining to a vertebra in the sternum
  209. xiph
  210. -oid
  211. xiphoid
    literally means resembling a sword. the xiphoid proccess is the lowest portion of the sternum; a sword-shaped cartilaginous process supported by one
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