1. Name 3 similarities and 3 differences between DNA and RNA
    • -Made of nucleotides
    • -made in nucleus
    • -has sugar phosphate backbone
    • -thiamine urasil
    • - single stranded double stranded
    • -deoxyribo...ribo...
  2. What is the name of the process of making mRNA from DNA?
  3. What is the name of the process of making a protein from mRNA?
  4. What is the basic subunit of DNA?
    What is the basic subunit of RNA?
  5. What is the basic subunit of a protein?
    -amino acids
  6. Name the 4 nitrogenous bases.
    • -Adenine
    • -Thiamine
    • -Cytosine
    • -Guanine
  7. What does trisomy mean?
    -3 chromosomes instead of 2
  8. What is a ribose?
  9. What makes up the backbone of DNA?
    -Sugar and phosphate
  10. What type of bonds hold the bases together?
    -Hydrogen bonds
  11. What is a karyotype?
    -putting all the chromosomes in their height/numerical order
  12. What does genotype mean?
    -the genetic make-up (BB, Bb, bb)
  13. What does phenotype mean?
    -the trait itself
  14. What are chromosomes 1 – 22 called?
  15. What is the 23rd pair of chromosomes called?
    -sex chromosomes
  16. What are all of your cells called in your body?
    -somatic cells
  17. What are the egg and sperm cells called?
    -sex cells
  18. Draw two different views of a chromosome (before and after synthesis).
    Image Upload 1
  19. What is co-dominance?
    -you see both traits..they are both dominant. Ex. Blood Type
  20. What is incomplete dominance?
    -a blending of two traits. Ex. Straight hair + curly hair= wavy hair
  21. Why do we use a pedigree chart?
    To determine who has or doesn't have a trait/disorder.
  22. DNA has two functions. What are they?
    • -DNA replication
    • -DNA makes RNA
  23. What are the 5 types of mutations?
    • -Addition
    • -Deletion
    • -Translocation
    • -Substitution
    • -Inversion
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