AP English Lesson 16-18

  1. optimum
    most favorable or advantageous; best
  2. culminate
    to reach the highest point or degree
  3. infer
    to conclude from evidence; deduce
  4. peerless
    without equal; unmatched
  5. eclipse
    to obscure or overshadow the importance of
  6. precede
    to come before in time
  7. quintessence
    the most complete instance
  8. epitome
    the typical or perfect example of an entire class or type
  9. proceed
    to go forward, onward
  10. sublime
    not to be excelled; supreme
  11. impeccable
    without flaw, perfect
  12. revenge
    vengeance; retalitation
  13. zenith
    highest point, peak. OPPOSITE: NADIR
  14. inimitable
    impossible to imitate or copy
  15. uninterested
    not paying attention; indifferent
  16. affect
    to have an influence on
  17. fiancé
    a man engaged to be married. OPPOSITE: FIANCEE
  18. adjure
    to command solemnly, as under an oath
  19. avenge
    to take revenge or get satisfaction for
  20. fidelity
    faithfulness to obligations or duties
  21. affidavit
    written statement before an official
  22. disinterested
    free of bias or self interest
  23. infidel
    one who does not accept a particular faith
  24. confidant
    a person to whom secrets are confided
  25. effect
    something brought about by a cause or agent
  26. jurisdiction
    authority, power, or control
  27. conjure
    to produce as if by magic
  28. imply
    to say or express indirectly
  29. perjure
    to give false testimony under oath
  30. fealty
    the loyalty of a vassal to his feudal lord
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