World War 1 Test

  1. Triple Entente
    • serbia
    • russia
    • france
    • gb
    • us
    • italy
    • japan
  2. central powers
    • a-h
    • germany
    • bulgaria
    • ottoman empire
  3. describe total war and give examples
    • when a country devotes all of its resources to the war effort
    • -gov controls econ. and industry
    • -rationing, limit products, and industries switch to producing war materials
    • -everybody works
    • -sedition outlawed (speaking out against gov.)
    • -propoganda
  4. how was this truly a global conflict
    • -war started in euro but spread around the globe as euro conlonies became involved
    • -gallipoli campaign
    • -japan fought germ. colonies in pacific
    • -india/africa
  5. militarism
    • -when all euro countries built up their militaries and felt invincible
    • -felt like they wanted to use militaries to prove they were invincible
  6. alliances
    • -nations of euro formed alliances by agreeing to fight for each other in case of war
    • -took a local regional war and turned it into a global war
  7. imperialism
    • -euro nations taking over colonies to create a big empire
    • -euro nations were fighting over territories of the world to make their empires bigger
  8. nationalism
    -the ppl of euro were extremely loyal to their countries and they were willing to fight and die to prove their country was the best
  9. direct cause of ww1
    • -serbia and bosnia hergovina wanted to break away from a-h and make slavic country
    • -emp. franz joseph said no
    • -slavic/serbian nationalist terrorize b-h
    • -franz joseph sent son (arch duke franz ferdinand) to b-h to gain support for a-h
    • -black hand assasinate him and wife during parade (gavrico princip)
    • -joseph blames serbia
    • -serbia doesnt want to fight a-h but they refuse and eventually get in a war
  10. sarajevo
    were duke franz ferdinand shot at
  11. battle of the marne
    • -germany and france constantly ready for war
    • -one germ. plan was for the possibility of having to fight a 2 fronted war against France to the West and Russia to the East
    • -Schleiffen Plan called for attacking weaker opponent (France), knocking them out, and turning all resources towards russia
    • -attacked with 40% instead of 90%
    • -held up for a month while passing through belgium
    • -bcs. von kluck breaks his attack germans never reach paris and end in stalemate
    • -plan fails, left to fight 2 fronted war
    • -begining of trench warfare
  12. 2nd ypres
    • -1st place were poison gas sucessfully used (chlorine)
    • -used by germans against brits
    • -very successful, 5000 soldiers killed in 10 min
    • -germ. follow up to quickly and run into gas
  13. cambrai
    • -1st place tanks used
    • -brits against germans, drove them off lines and through neighboring town of cambry
    • - tanks overheated and germans dropped shells of them and regained land
  14. verdun
    • -historically sig./symbolic city-roman fortrice
    • -germans new france would use every resource to protect
    • -mad them use everything. bombard, attack, repeat
    • -french hold on
    • -last from feb. 1916-dec. 1916
    • -fr. 550,000 casualties, germans 434000
  15. somme
    • -brit. attacked germans at the somme inorder to draw germ. attention and soldiers away from verdun
    • -brit bombard, attack, repeat
    • -on first attack brit. suffer 60000 casualties
    • -evantually gain 12 kilometers
  16. sinking of lusitania
    -liner with 128 americans
  17. zimmerman telegram
    -message from germany to mexico promising to give them back american sw if they attacked us and kept us out of the war
  18. fourteen points
    • -self determination (choose won gov.)
    • -freedom of trade/seas
    • -reduce armed forces
    • -league of nations
  19. big 4
    • woodrow wilson-us
    • georges clemenceau-fr.
    • david lloyed george-gb
    • vittorio orlando-italy
  20. kaiser wilhelm ll
    leader of germany
  21. treaty of versaillesp
    • -btwn allies and germany
    • penalties
    • -admit responsibility for war
    • -fined 320000000000 in addition to war debts
    • -french get alsace lorraine
    • -lost all colonies
    • -limit size of army
    • -no submarines or air force
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