science ch 6 vocab

  1. chemical bond
    force that holds two atoms together
  2. chemical formula
    combination of chemical symbols and numbers that indicates which elements and how many atoms of each element are present in a molecule
  3. compound
    a substance produced when elements combine and whose properties are different from each of the elements in it
  4. covalent bond
    chemical bond formed when atoms share electrons

    two nonmetals
  5. electron cloud
    area where negatively charged electrons, arranged in energy levels, travel around an atom's nucleus
  6. electron dot diagram
    chemical symbol for an element, surrounded by as many dots as there are electrons in its outer energy level
  7. energy level
    the different positions for an electron in an atom
  8. ion
    atom that is positively or negatively charged because it has gained or lost electrons
  9. ionic bond
    attraction that holds oppositely charged ions close together

    formed by a metal and a nonmetal
  10. metallic bond
    bond formed when metal atoms share their pooled electrons
  11. molecule
    neutral particle formed when atoms share electrons
  12. polar bond
    type of covalent bond that has a positive and a negative end

    two different nonmetals

    bond resulting from the unequal sharing of electrons
  13. nonpolar bond
    type of covalent bond that does not have charged ends

    two of the same nonmetals
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