Oshkosh Pub Crawl

  1. Team Photos
    • Team Photo (duuhhhhhh)
    • Team Pyramid
    • With another team
    • Team Cage Photo
    • Outside Dance studio
  2. Individual Photos (one or more team members)
    • Photobombing another team
    • With bar owner or manager
    • Make-out
    • Piggy back ride
    • A girl from another team that’s taller than a guy on your team (the bigger the difference the better)
    • Drinking upside down
    • Wearing Burger King crown
    • Body shot
    • Superman and/or Superwoman (Guys - underwear over pants, Girls – Bra over shirt)
    • With a pub crawl organizer
    • Dancing on bar (ask first)
  3. Bonus Photos (good luck with these)
    • With college professor
    • Teammate shamed
    • Teammate in nothing but a pub crawl shirt
    • Teammate completely wet
    • Teammate in a costume
    • Whole team in a bathroom stall
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Oshkosh Pub Crawl
List of Photos during pub crawl!!!