Fingernail care

  1. Explains procedure to client, speaking clearly, slowly, and directly, maintaining face-to-face contact whenever possible
    Before immersing fingernails, checks water temperature for safety and comfort and asks client to verify comfort of water
  2. Basin is in a comfortable position for client
    Put on clean gloves before cleaning fingernails
  3. Fingernails are immersed in basin of water
    Cleans under each fingernail with orangewood stick
  4. Wipes orangewood stick on towel after each nail
    Dries fingernail area
  5. Canidate feeld each nail and files as needed
    Disposes of orangewood stick and emery board into waste container
  6. Empties, rinses, and dries basin
    After rinsing basin, places basin in designated dirty supply area
  7. Disposes of used linen into soiled linen container
    After cleaning nails & equipment, and disposing of linen, removes and disposes of gloves(without contaminating self) into waste container and washes hands

    Signailing device is within reach
Card Set
Fingernail care
Provides fingernail care on one hand