Transfer from bed to wheelchair

  1. Explains procedure to client, speaking clearly, slowly, and directly, maintaining face-to-face contact whenever possible
    Privacy is provided with curtain, screen or door
  2. Before assisting to stand, wheelchair is positioned along side of bed, at head of bed, and facing the foot of the bed
    Before assisting stand, footrests are folded up or removed
  3. Before assisting to stand, bed is at safe level
    Before assisting to stand, locks wheels on wheelchair
  4. Before assisting to stand, checks and/or locks bed wheels
    Before assisting to stand client is assisted to a sitting position with feet flat on the floor
  5. Before assisting to stand ensures client is wearing shoes
    Before assisting to stand, applies transfer belt securely over clothing/gown
  6. Before assisting to stand, provides instructions to enable client to assist in standing including prearranged signal to alert client to begin standing
    Stands facing client positioning self and client during transfer. Counts to three(or says other prearranged signal) to alert client to begin standing
  7. On signal, gradually assists client to stand by grasping transfer belt on both sides with an upward grasp (canidates hands are in upward position) and maintaining stability of client's legs
    Assists client to turn to stand in front of wheelchair with back of client's legs against wheelchair
  8. Lowers client into wheelchair
    Positions client with hips touching back of wheelchair and transfer belt is removed
  9. Positions feet on footrests
    Signailing device is within reach

    wash hands
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Transfer from bed to wheelchair
Transfer from bed to wheelchair using transfer belt