Foot Care

  1. Explains procedure to client, speaking clearly, slowly, and directly, maintaining face-to-face contact whenever possible
    Privacy is provided with curtain, screen, or door
  2. Before washing, checks water temperature for safety and comfort and asks client to verify comfort of wate
    Basin is in comfortable position for client and on protective barrier
  3. Puts on clean gloves before washing foot
    Client's bare foot is placed into water
  4. Applies soap to washcloth
    Fift foot from water and washes foot, including between the toes
  5. Foot is rinsed, including between the toes
    Applies lotion to top and bottom of foot, removing access (if any) with a towel
  6. Supports foot and ankle during procedure
    empities, rinses, and dries basin
  7. After rinsing basin, places basin in designated dirty supply area
    Dosposes of used linen into soiled linen container
  8. After cleaning foot adn equipment, and disposing of used linen, removes and disposes of gloves (without contaiminatin self) into waste container and washes hand
    Signaling device is within reach
Card Set
Foot Care
Provides foot care on one foot