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  1. List the major Ellen White critics in the Marion Party and the books they wrote (include the year the books were published). (4)
    1. B. F. Snook and W.H. Brinkerhoff wrote The Visions of E.G. White, not of God in 1866

    2. H.E. Carver wrote Mrs. E.G. White’s Claims to Divine Inspiration Examined in 1870 (revised 1877)

    3. H. C. Blanchard wrote The Testimonies of Mrs. E.G. White Compared with the Bible in 1877

    4. A. C. Long wrote Comparison of the Early Writings of Mrs. White with Later Publications, 1883
  2. Who is Miles Grant and what book did he write against Ellen White?
  3. He was an Advent Christian, leader and editor of the periodical The World’s Crisis. He wrote, The True Sabbath: Which Day Shall We Keep? An Examination of Mrs. Ellen White’s Visions.
    In the book he focused mostly on the shut-door issue and claimed that “not a single prophecy or vision of hers can be produced that may not have been given by a daemon”. He accused EG White of time setting and fanaticism.
  4. What was the title of the book Dudley M. Canright wrote against Ellen White in 1919?
    The Life of Mrs. E.G. White
  5. In what way is Canright the father of Ellen White criticisms.
    Canright published a book called the the life of Mrs. E. G. White which most non Adventist evangelical citics to the former SDA critics have used to influence their thinking.
  6. What was the title of Uriah Smith’s 1866 apologetic response to Snook and Brinkerhoff in the Review and Herald?
    Five part series Article, “the visions-objections answered”.
  7. What were the two books (and their authors) that responded to Canright during the early 20th Century.
    The abiding gift of prophecy by AG Daniel

    Ellen White and Her Critics: An Answer to the major changes that critics have brought against Ellen White. By Francis Nichols
  8. List two contemporary books against Ellen White that have the name “White” in the title?
  9. White out
    White washed
  10. What is the most notorious website against Ellen White?
  11. List two recent books that answer the critics of Ellen White?
    - Alder Thompson’s, Escape From the Flames

    - Grame Bradford, More Than a Prophet: How we lost and found again the Real Ellen White
  12. List two websites that answer the critics of Ellen White?
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