Panic and Interoceptive Sensitivity

  1. What is anxiety sensitivity?
    -not asking about panic symptoms, how one feels about these symptoms.
  2. Panic disorder
    • panic-related apprehension
    • persistent worry of more panic attacks
    • unrealistic concern of consequences of panic attacks
    • change in behavior to control panic
    • overestimate likelihood of panic attack
    • exaggerate negative consequence of panic attack
    • underestimate ability to cope
  3. Panic attacks
    • -intensity of panic attacks
    • -unexpected nature/sudden onset
    • -flee
    • -impending doom
    • -sympathetic nervous system turn on
  4. Anxiety disorder with highest level of anxiety sensitivity?
    panic disorder
  5. How does percieved control interact with anxiety sensitivity?
    people with AS had significantly lowered fear when they thought they had an antidote to control their fear

    Anticipated the most panic from caffeine

    Percieved control plays an important role in one's emotional response to physical cues of arousal
  6. What effect does CBT have on fear during CO2 challenge? Panic attacks? Comparison conditions?
    High AS had less anxiety if they were expecting the anxious symptoms listed from CO2 description, but experience higher anxiety if were expected to relax due to the fact that CO2 causes physiological symptoms similar to a panic attack.

    Low AS never had panic attacks regardless of being told relaxation or anxiety related symptoms would occur.

    After CBT, no one has a panic attack anymore

    You want them to not care if they have a panic attack
  7. High anxiety sensitivity a risk factor for panic disorder?
    AS is elevated in panic disorder patients than other anxiety disorders

    individual with high AS respond to biological challenges with heightened fear

    Individuals with high AS are more likely to develop naturally occuring panic attacks than those low in AS

    Treatment that reduces AS are effective in lowering panic disorder
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