1. 1. What is CIC primary Mission?
    ANS: Gather, Process, Display, Evaluate and Disseminate Tactical Information.
  2. 2. Who is the CO’s representative for Tactical employment and defense of the Ship?
    ANS: TAO (Tactical Assistant Officer)
  3. 3. What are the Color of the Port and Starboard Running Lights?
    • ANS: Port Lights: RED
    • Starboard: GREEN.
  4. 4. Where is TACAN Located? And what does it stand for?
    ANS: TACAN: Tactical Air Navigation and It’s located on the Main Mast.
  5. 5. What is the purpose of TACAN?
    ANS: A beacon that is used to aid aircraft in their location by providing bearing and range.
  6. 6. SLQ-25 what is use for? And Where is located?
    ANS: SLQ-25 is AMSD (Torpedo Countermeasure) also knows as NIXIE and it’s located by the Ships store in AFT Mooring Station.
  7. 7. Name the various AMSDs: Anti-Missile Ships defenses:
    • ANS: MK36 Super Rapid-Blooming Off-board Chaff (SRBOC)
    • AN/SLQ-32 (V3) Electronic Countermeasures, Infrared Flare Decoy
    • AN/SLQ-25 Nixie Torpedo Countermeasure
  8. 8. SPA-25 H What its use for?
    ANS: Radar Repeater
  9. 9. What is the 3rd substitute used for?
    ANS: CO’s Absentee Penant
  10. 10. What Flag is used for General Recall?
  11. 11. What does SRBOC stand for and where it’s fire from?
    ANS: SRBOC (Super Rapid Blooming off board chaff) and it’s fire from the CIC (Combat Information Center) and the Bridge.
  12. 12. Who gets the OPREP 3 pinnacle Message?
    ANS: Commander-in-Chief (the President.)
  13. 13. What Operating System is used onboard USS Blue Ridge?
    ANS: COMPOSE Windows 2000 OS.
  14. 13. How many HF transmitters on Board?
    ANS: A total of 29, located on Trans: 1.
  15. 14. What the different precedence for naval messages?
    ANS: Flash – 5 min, Immediate – 30 min, Priority – 3 hrs, Routine – 6 hrs
  16. 15. How Many CHT tanks do we have onboard?
    • ANS: A total of 3 CHT Tanks.1 FWD, 2 AFT .
    • FWD Capacity: 28000 Gallons
    • AFT Capacity: 11772 Gallons per tank
  17. 16. What are the 3 Modes of CHT?
    • ANS: 1. in port
    • 2. Transit
    • 3. At Sea
  18. 17. How many fresh water tanks do we have and how many gallons do they hold?
    ANS: 7 tanks and they hold 123,152 Gallons
  19. 18. What is the Usage per person in Gallons?
    ANS: 25 gallons per Person.
  20. 19. What is the appropriate level of Bromine required for approve source?
    ANS: 0.2tbr total Bromine
  21. 20. What is the size of AC units?
    ANS: 250 tons
  22. 21. What type of Refrigerant is used on our AC Units?
    ANS: R236 FA
  23. 22. Where the AC Units are located?
    ANS: 2 FWD, 2 MID, 2 AFT.
  24. 23. What is the Purpose of the Under Water Log?
    ANS: The purpose is to Record Speed (Knots) distance in Nautical Miles.
  25. 24. Where is the pitsword located?
  26. 25. What is the pitsword made of?
    ANS: Fiberglass and Stainless Steel
  27. 26. What are the Modes of the Under Water Log?
    • ANS: 1. Calibration
    • 2. Remote Dummy
    • 3. Manual Dummy
    • 4. Normal Underway
    • 27. When is the Dummy Log Used?
    • ANS: When the pitsword is not active.
  28. 28. Name 3 things that use JP5?
    ANS: EDG, P-100, Helicopter, SSDG, and small boats (rhibs).
  29. 29. How many ways to steer the Ship?
    ANS: Helm, trick wheel, jacking nuts, and emergency hand pump
  30. 30. What is the traveling speed of the rudder?
    ANS: 3 degrees per second
  31. 31. How many and what is the capacity of the feed water tanks?
    ANS: 2 tanks with a 19,700 gallon capacity
  32. 32. What are the purposes of the DFT?
    ANS: (De-aerating Feed Tank), preheat water prior to going to the boiler, deaerate water, and to store excess water.
  33. 33. Who is the Engineering Officer’s Representative In Port?
    ANS: EDO (Engineering Duty Officer)
  34. 34. What does ABC stand for?
    ANS: Automatic Boiler Control
  35. 35. What is considered LP air?
    ANS: 125 psi or lower
  36. 36. What is considered HP air?
    ANS: 3,000 psi or higher
  37. 37. How many life rafts do we have on board?
    ANS: 63 total
  38. 38. How many people will each hold?
    ANS: 25 total
  39. 39. What are two methods for releasing the life raft?
    ANS: Manual and hydrostatically
  40. 40. What are the types of signaling devices found in the life raft?
    ANS: Radio beacon, flare, radar reflector, signal mirror, sea water activated light, dye marker.
  41. 41. When is the J-Bar Davit used to recover personnel during man overboard?
    ANS: When the weather is too rough for boat recovery.
  42. 42. What unrep stations can receive JP-5?
    ANS: 7 & 8
  43. 43. What unrep stations have are fixed pad eyes?
    ANS: 3 & 4
  44. 44. What unrep stations have portable king posts?
    ANS: 5 & 6
  45. 45. What unrep stations are used for high line transfer?
    ANS: 3 & 4
  46. 46. What unrep stations are used for personnel transfer?
    ANS: 3 & 4
  47. 47. What unrep stations are used for DFM?
    ANS: 1 & 2 (DFM only) 7 & 8 (DFM & JP-5)
  48. 48. What type of mooring lines goes straight out?
    ANS: Breast line
  49. 49. What type of mooring lines goes aft?
    ANS: Aft spring line
  50. 50. What type of mooring lines go fwd?
    ANS: Fwd spring line
  51. 51. What type of mooring lines prevents the ship from moving forward?
    ANS: Aft spring line
  52. 52. What type of mooring lines prevents the ship from moving aft?
    ANS: Fwd spring line
  53. 53. What is the weight of the anchor?
    ANS: 22,500 lbs
  54. 54. What is a shot and its length?
    ANS: The distance from detachable link to the next detachable link, 15 fathoms
  55. 55. What is the first shot called?
    ANS: Swivel
  56. 56. Where is the bull nose?
    ANS: Forward most end of the ship
  57. 57. Where can you find the wildcat?
    ANS: Forecastle, it engages the anchor chain for lifting and braking
  58. 58. What are the three uses of the anchor chain?
    ANS: Anchoring, Towing and mooring to a buoy
  59. 59. What is a swing circle?
    ANS: Distance from the anchor, plus chain to the stern of the ship
  60. 60. What is a drag circle?
    ANS: Distance from the anchor, plus chain to the pilot house.
  61. 61. Who is First Lieutenant?
    ANS: LCDR Willmann
  62. 62. How many fuel oil transfer pump?
    ANS: Four
  63. 63. How many evaps and what is their capacity?
    ANS: 2 with capacity of 50,000 gallons each (they make fresh water out of sea water)
  64. 64. What type of evaps do we have on board?
    ANS: Five stage, flash type
  65. 65. What are degaussing and its purpose?
    ANS: Reduces magnetic signature of ship
  66. 66. What load center controls degaussing?
    ANS: LC21
  67. 67. Which coils are auto set and manual adjust?
    ANS: (Auto) A and FI-QI (Manual) M & FP-QP
  68. 68. How many fire pumps on board?
    ANS: 4 (1 in Fwd A/C, 1 in the Fire Room, 1 in the Engine Room, and 1 in Aft A/C)
  69. 69. Who supervises the Engineering Bell Log?
    ANS: The MPA (Machinery Propulsion Assistant, LT. Rosenberry)
  70. 70. What medium is used to return steam to condensate?
    ANS: Sea Water
  71. 71. What is a clear and bright test?
    ANS: Clear means: no sediment and bright means: free of water (used for fuel and lube oil)
  72. 72. What does ABT stand for?
    ANS: Automatic Bus transfer
  73. 73. What are the types of ABT?
    ANS: Power and Normal seeking
  74. 74. What is the DC Circuit?
    ANS: 2 JZ
  75. 75. What are the six areas the Naval Doctrine is comprised of?
    ANS: Command and Control, Operations, Warfare, Logistics, Intelligence, Planning (CCOWLIP)
  76. 76. What are the seven principles of Naval Logistics?
    ANS: Flexibility, Economy, Attainability, Responsiveness, Simplicity, Sustainability, Survivability (F.E.A.R.S.S.S)
  77. 77. What are the three types of Naval Vessels that existed in the inception of the Navy?
    ANS: Frigates, Sloops, and Schooners
  78. 78. What did the battle of Guadalcanal demonstrate?
    ANS: expression of honor, courage, and commitment (tragedy of the Salomon brothers)
  79. 79. What did the battle of Midway demonstrate?
    ANS: the importance and value of intelligence
  80. 80. What did the battle of Coral Sea demonstrate?
    ANS: the importance and value of air superiority (First carrier to carrier battle)
  81. 81. What did the battle of Leyte Gulf?
    ANS: demonstrate was an example of furthering efforts towards an objective
  82. 82. What did the battle of Normandy demonstrate?
    ANS: was an exercise in logistics (largest amphibious assault landing)
  83. 83. What was the purpose of the voyage of the Great White Fleet?
    ANS: Showed the nation’s flag
  84. 84. Who is the Secretary of Defense?
    ANS: Honorable Donald Winter
  85. 85. Which fleet supports Naval Operations as directed by the President and SECDEF in the Atlantic and South America?
    ANS: Atlantic Fleet
  86. 86. What was the first ship named after an enlisted man?
    ANS: USS Osmond Ingram (DD-255)
  87. 87. What is the purpose of Naval Logistics?
    ANS: Provide and sustain our operational readiness by getting the right support to the right place at the right time.
  88. 88. Which fleet supports Naval Operations as directed by the President and SECDEF
    • In the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean?
    • ANS: Pacific Fleet
  89. 89. Define Naval Command and Control.
    ANS: The exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the mission.
  90. 90. Who is responsible for the geographical area to include the International Date Line to the east coast of Africa?
    ANS: Seventh Fleet
  91. 91. What is the purpose of the DTG (date time group)?
    ANS: To indicate when the message was originated
  92. 92. How many magazines do we have onboard?
    ANS: 5 (normal ammo magazines) and 2 (CIWS ammo magazines)
  93. 93. What are the HAZMAT categories?
    ANS: Flammable, Aerosol, Toxic, Corrosive, Oxidizer, Compressed Gases
  94. 94. What is DRMO?
    ANS: Defense Reutilization Marketing Office and it is a place to receive items “free of charge” (desks, computers, furniture)
  95. 95. What is OPTAR?
    ANS: Operational Target (Budget)
  96. 96. What are the Fund Codes?
    ANS: Consumables “NC” & Repair Parts “NR” & Repairable “NB”
  97. 97. How many 50cal’s do we have on board?
    ANS: Six (2 fwd super structure and 4 aft)
  98. 98. Where can the CIWS are fired from?
    ANS: CIC (at RCP, Remote Control Panel) and local
  99. 99. What type of ammo does the CIWS use?
    ANS: 20mm tungsten alloy rounds
  100. 100. What does C4I stand for?
    ANS: Computers, Communication, Command, Control and Information
  101. 101. What people are required for 40mm saluting battery?
    ANS: Timer, Safety observer, loader, shooter
  102. 102. Where are the 40mm located?
    ANS: One on each bridge wing
  103. 103. What can be executed during Amber Deck?
    ANS: Helo can refuel, engage or disengage propeller, chalk and chain, while the ship can maneuver.
  104. 104. What does radar stand for?
    ANS: Radio detection and ranging
  105. 105. What flag is hoisted for man over board?
    ANS: Oscar
  106. 106. What is the purpose of fire control?
    ANS: To place ordinance on target on time
  107. 107. What equipment is manned in CIC by EW’s underway?
    ANS: SLQ-32
  108. 108. What type of radars do we have on board?
    ANS: Furuno (navigation), SPS-40 (air search), SPS-67 (surface contacts)
  109. 109. What is the max effective range of 50 cal?
    ANS: 1,830 meters (2,000 Yards)
  110. 110. What is primary weapons issue for Security Alert?
    ANS: Ship’s Armory (7-101-2-A)
  111. 111. Who is the EMO?
    ANS: CWO2 Wagner
  112. 112. How many 25mm chain guns do we have?
    • ANS: 2 (one port/one stbd)
    • 113. How many boilers do we have on board and what types?
    • ANS: Two (1A and 1B) type “D” Foster Wheeler three burner front
  113. 114. What is the maximum speed when steaming on one boiler?
    ANS: 14 knots
  114. 115. What is the maximum speed when steaming on two boilers?
    ANS: 22 knots
  115. 116. Radio Frequencies:
    • · High Frequencies (HF)
    • i. 3MHZ-30MHZ (Examples: T-1603, R-2557)
    • · Very High Frequency (VHF)
    • i. 30 MHZ- 300 MHZ (Examples: SRC-54, GRC-211)
    • · Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
    • i. 300 MHZ- 3GHZ (Examples: WSC-3, URC-93, SSR-1)
    • · Super High Frequency (SHF)
    • i. 3 GHZ- 30 GHZ (Examples: WSC-6, WSC-8)
    • · Extremely High frequency (EHF)
    • i. 30 GHZ- 300 GHZ (Examples: WSC-9, Legacy)
  116. 117. Describe Naval Intelligence.
    ANS: Properly employed, intelligence can give us an accurate estimate of the situation, forecast likely adversary courses of action, and allow us to apply selective, but decisive combat power throughout the battle space.
  117. 118. Describe the Gun Salute.
    ANS: A gesture of friendship/peace.
  118. 119. Describe Naval Planning.
    ANS: The means by which the commander coordinates naval forces activities in time, space, and purpose in order to achieve naval, joint, and multinational unity of effort toward a strategic objective.
  119. 120. What are the dimensions of the ship?
    ANS: Length--643 Ft, Beam—108 Ft, Draft—29 Ft.
  120. 121. What does BDFA mean?
    ANS: Basic Daily Food Allowance
  121. 122. Where do the profits from the ship’s store go?
    ANS: MWR
  122. 123. What form is the Quarterly Food Service Report on?
    ANS: NAVSUP Form 1359
  123. 124. What does HERO stand for?
    ANS: Hazardous Electromagnetic radiation to ordinance
  124. 125. What does CSOW stand for?
    ANS: Combat Systems Officer of the Watch
  125. 126. Who is the 3M Coordinator aboard USS Blue Ridge?
    ANS: ETCS Norris
  126. 127. Name 3 things that use JP-5?
    ANS: Helicopter, SSDG, P-100 Pumps
  127. 128. Which UNREP Stations are used for JP-5 Refueling?
    ANS: UNREP Stations 7 and 8
  128. 129. Which UNREP Stations are used for personnel transfers?
    ANS: UNREP Stations 3 and 4
  129. 130. Which UNREP Stations are equipped with portable king posts?
    ANS: UNREP Stations 5 and 6
  130. 131. Which UNREP Stations are equipped with probe receivers for DFM?
    ANS: UNREP Stations 1 and 2
  131. 132. What is NAVPERS Form 1060/602?
    ANS: Page 2 of Service Record, Dependent and Emergency Data
  132. 133. What is NAVPERS Form 1060/604?
    ANS: Page 4 of Service Record, Enlisted Qualifications and Training Data
  133. 134. What is the total fresh potable water capacity of the USS Blue Ridge?
    ANS: 123,152 Gallons
  134. 135. What type of helicopter do we have embarked on the USS Blue Ridge?
    ANS: SH-60F Seahawk
  135. 136. What is the firing rate of the MK-15 Phalanx CIWS in RPM?
    ANS: 4,500 RPM
  136. 137. How many persons does it take to man the 40mm Saluting Gun?
    ANS: 4 Persons
  137. 138. How many servers and what types do we have onboard?
    ANS: 20 (DC1,DC2, EX1, EX2, FS1-FS4, INM, EFW) on SIPR & NIPR
  138. 139. How many fathoms is the anchor chain in length?
    ANS: 180 Fathoms
  139. 140. How many life rafts are installed onboard USS Blue Ridge?
    ANS: 63 life rafts
  140. 141. What is the RPM of the 25mm chain guns?
    ANS: 172 RPM
  141. 142. What is the voltage rating for the SSTGs, SSDG, and EDGs?
    • ANS: 450 Volts
    • 143. How many SSTGs, SSDG, and EDGs do we have onboard?
    • ANS: 3 SSTGs, 1 SSDG, and 2 EDGs
  142. 144. What does the term COSAL stand for?
    ANS: Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List (Lists all APLs and AELs)
  143. 145. What does the term DRMO stand for?
    ANS: Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
  144. 147. What is the supply fund code for tools? ANS: N2
  145. 148. What is the supply fund code for medical supplies? ANS: N7
  146. 149.How many kilowatts of electricity does each SSTG produce?
    ANS: 2000 Kilowatts each (X3)
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