Feeding client

  1. Explains procedure to client, speaking clearly, slowly, and directly, maintaining face-to-face contact whenever possible
    Before feeding, canidate picks up name card from tray and asks client to state name
  2. Before feeding client, places them in an upright sitting position (45-90 degrees)
    Place tray where it can be easily seen by client
  3. Client's hands are cleaned with hand wipe before feeding
    Canidate sits facing client during feeding
  4. Tells client waht foods are on tray and asks what client would like to eat first
    Using spoon, offers client a bite of each type of food on tray, telling client then content of each spoonful
  5. Offers beverage at least once during meal
    Makes sure client's mouth is empty before offering next bite of food or sip of beverage
  6. At end of meal, client's mouth is wiped and hands are cleaned with hand wipe
    Removes food tray and places traay in designated dirty supply area
  7. Signailing device is within client's reach
    washes hands
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Feeding client
Feeds Client who cannot feed self