PR Ch20

  1. When pitching stories to gatekeepers about nonprofit activities, it's best to tell stories in terms of
  2. Approximately ____ percent of Americans volunteer time for charitable causes
  3. Which of the following is not a goal of a professional organization?

  4. Terms like patron or founder often indicate
    the size of the donor's gift
  5. Which is not a typical function of staffers in a trade association?
    shielding busy government officials from unnecessary info
  6. Which tactic was not used by the save Darfur Coalition?

  7. The following are categories of social agencies, EXCEPT

  8. Which type of organization has lost the most political clout since the 1970s?
    labor unions
  9. Jerry Lewis used what fundraising technique?
  10. People who volunteer are usually not motivated by
    extrinsic rewards
  11. Which is not a primary function of a chamber of commerce
    to promote health and wellness programs
  12. A critical benefit for nonprofit groups is that they are
    tax exempt
  13. Am. union with the largest membership
    National Education Association
  14. A fund-raising campaign is usually organized along _____ lines
  15. PETA is a
    social issue organization
  16. Individuals provide _____ of total charitable giving in the US
    three quarters
  17. In capital campaigns, fundraising emphasis is on
    big gifts from corps and individuals
  18. the largest and most publicized donations are made by
    corps and foundations
  19. The goals of professional associations include
    determining requirements for entrance to the field
  20. NAACP would best be described as a _____ agency
  21. A majority of lawyers promote their services
    with ads in the yellow pages
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