1. 1. What position would you transport a stroke pt?
    Recovery position, paralyzed side down. 6" head elevation.
  2. 2. What score on the cincinnati stroke scale would determine a stroke pt.
    1 out of the possible 3.
  3. 3. What is the cinicinnati stroke scale?
    Test: facial droop, arm drift, and speech
  4. 4. What are the signs and symptoms of a left sided stroke?
    • Speech disorder: Aphasia
    • Receptive & Expressive Aphasia
  5. 5. What are the signs of a right sided stroke.
    • Trouble moving the left side.
    • Slurred and hard to understand speech: Dysarthia
    • Symptoms: Neglect
  6. 6. What siezure recurs every few minutes>
    A. status epilepticus
  7. 7. A stroke that goes away in less then 24 hrs?
    Transient ischemic attack ( TIA )
  8. 8. A stroke from bleeding in the brain?
    Hemorragic stroke
  9. 9.What is a stroke?
    • A loss of brain funtion in certain brain cells that do not get enough oxygen during a CVA.
    • Usaully obstruction of a blood vessel that feeds oxygen to the brain cells.
  10. 10. What part of the brain controls Basic functions?
    Brain stem
  11. 11. What part of the brain controls movement and touch?
    Middle cerebrum
  12. 12. What does CVA stand for?
    Cerebrovascular accident
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