1. indications for PPIs?
    • GORD
    • Dyspepsia
    • GI treatment/prevention from NSAIDs
    • Zollinger-ellison syndrom
  2. Precautions of PPIs
    Gastric carcinoma, exclude condition before starting treatment

    Pregnancy - use ranitiine if possible othewise omeprazole is safe
  3. Adverse effects of PPIS
    headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea

    Rash, itch, decreased absorption of vitamin B12 (over time)
  4. Dose of omeprazole?
    20mg once daily for 4-8 weeks - PUD & GORD

    prevention of a GI ulcer - 20mg daily
  5. Dose for Lansoprazole?
    30mg once daily for 4-8 weeks -GORD,PUD
  6. Dose of esomeprazole?
    20mg once daily - PUD/GORD

    Prevention - 20mg daily
  7. Dose of Pantoprazole?
    40mg once daily for 4-8 weeks

    GORD - 40mg 4-8 weeks, then increase to 40mg bd for the next 4 weeks
  8. Dose of rabeprazole?
    20mg once daily for 4-8 weeks - GORD & PUD
  9. Counselling for PPIs?
    Swallow whole, do not crush or chew tablet

    Review maintaince therapy regularly

    Tell your doctor if you develop black stools or coffee ground coloured vomit
  10. Association between PPIS and pneumonia?
    Increased incidence
  11. What supplements may be required in long term use with PPIs?
    Calcium and vitamin D - due to increased fracture risk
  12. Indications for ranitidine?
    • Peptic ulcer disease
    • GORD
    • Dyspepsia
  13. Advderse effects of ranitidine?
    usually very well tolerared

    may get hypotension - rare.
  14. Dose of ranitidine?
    150mg twice daily for dyspepsia

    300mg daily for PUD
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