Important Art Vocab.

  1. Value
    Lightness and darkness of hue or neutral color; the gradations of light and dark in a two-dimensional object.
  2. Monochromatic
    ´╗┐Consisting of only a single color or hue; may include its tints and shades
  3. Tint
    A soft and light color one to which white has been added
  4. Space
    The emptiness or area between around, above below or within objects. Shapes and forms ared defined by the space around and within the; possitive space - filled with lines, designs, colors or shapes; negative space - empty space in an artwork or project
  5. Shade
    A color to which black or another dark hue has been added to make it darker
  6. Elemts of art
    Sensory components used to create works: line, color, shape or form, texture, value, and space.
  7. Line
    A point moving in space. It can vary in width, length currature, color, or direction.
  8. Color
    The visual connection depending on the reflection or absorption of light from a given surface. The three characteristics of color or hue, value and intensity.
  9. Hue
    Refers to the name of a color (e.g., red, blue, yellow, orange)
  10. Intensity
    Also called crom or Saturation. It refers to the brightness of a color (a color is full in intensity only when pure and unmixed), Color intensity can be changed by adding black, white, gray or an opposite color on the wheel.
  11. Shape
    A two-dimensional or plane may be open or closed, free from geometric, found in nature or made by humans.
  12. Texture
    The surface quality of materials, either actual (tactile) or implied (visual). Texture is one of the elements of art
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