Smoking Drugs

  1. Contraindications for treatment with bupropion?
    If patient was on a MAOI in the last 14 days

    History of seizures
  2. Precautions for bupropion?
    Psychiatric - may worsen phychiactive conditions

    Careful in bipolar - may precipiate mania

    Careful in those predisposed to seizures
  3. Adverse Effects of bupropion?
    Insomnia, nightmares, dizziness

    Tremor, headache, constipation

    Hypertension, suicide idealation
  4. Dose of bupropion?
    150mg once daily in the morning for 3 days, then 150mg twice daily for 7-9 weeks

    elderly- 150mg daily for 7-9 weeks
  5. Counselling for bupropion?
    Start bupropion? at least 7 days before quitting smoking

    Take in the morning to reduce incidence of sleep disturbances

    Side effects - dizziness etc may impair alertness

    Drink alcohol in moderation while taking this med - can increase risk of seizures

    if you develop a rash, swelling of the mouth or suicide thoughts - tell your doctor.
  6. Precautions of varenicline?
    Psychiatric condition - may be worsened.

    Use with nicotine replacement therapy may increase the risk of nausea, headache, dizziness, dyspepsia.
  7. Adverse effects of varenicline?
    Depresson, agitation, suicide idealation.

    Nausea (dose related), vomiting, flatulance, insomnia.

    AF, palpitations, GORD, increased weight
  8. Dose of varenicline?
    0.5mg once daily for three days, then 0.5mg twice daily for 4 days, then 1mg twice daily for 11 weeks.
  9. Counselling for vareincline
    Start taking this medication a week before stopping smoking as it takes a while to work.

    See your doctor if nausea is a problem, may be able to reduce dose.

    Stop taking varenicline if you have suicidal thoughts and see your doctor.

    Tablets may be tapered off at the end of treatment to prevent a flare of craving.

    Don't use nicotine products in conjunction since it may worsen nausea and headache.

    Medication may cause dizziness and may affect your concentration.
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