Grendel vocab

  1. Docile
    easily managed or handled- -gentle, agreeable
  2. Sycophantish
    flatterer with secret objective- -adulator
  3. Duff
    fluff, feathered material- -wool
  4. Hoary
    Gray or white with age- -aged
  5. Dirge
    mournful song
  6. Dogmatism
    blind faith, nothing to back up a statement- -certainty
  7. Putrefaction
    decomposition of organic matter- -decay
  8. Loll
    recline in a relaxed manner- -lounge
  9. Inviolable
    prohibition violation- -indestructable
  10. Pungent
    sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell
  11. Gewgawed
    gaudy and useless- -bauble, trinken
  12. Ominous
    portending evil or harm- -foreboding, threatening
  13. Aloof
    at a distance- -indifferent, detached
  14. Victualers
    a person providing or selling food or other provisions- -provisioner, sutler
  15. Petulant
    childishly sulky, bad tempered- -peevish
  16. Intimation
    the act of implying or hinting- -suggestion
  17. Ludicrously
    laughter caused by absurdity- -preposterous
  18. Undulant
    wavelike in motion or pattern- -rolling, wavey
  19. Paltry
    ridiculously small- -minor
  20. Immanence
    reamining within- -innate
  21. Apocalypse
    widespread destruction or disaster- -cataclysm, armageddon
  22. Brume
    mist; fog
  23. Bumptious
    noisily self assertive- -pushy
  24. Pompous
    having or exhibiting self importance- -arrocant
  25. Compensations
    payment for a service or loss- -repayment, atonement
  26. Insinuation
    indirect or covert suggestion- -imply, hint
  27. Nihilism
    total rejection of established laws and institutions- -denial, disbelief
  28. Torus
    a doughnut shaped surface- -torid
  29. Byrnie
    coat of mail- -armor
  30. Paradox
    a statement that seems absurd but could actually be true- -puzzle
  31. Thane
    person of rank, lesser noble- -noble
  32. Chilblains
    swelling or inflamation of the hands or feet because of extreme cold
  33. Brachiating
    move by using the arms to swing from branch to branch; from thought to thought
  34. Venue
    the place where something happens- -place, site
  35. Oblivious
  36. Transmogrified
    to chang in appearance or form- -transform
  37. Obsequious
  38. Inchoate
    not yet completed- -rudimentary
  39. Keens
  40. Concrescence
    a growing together- -coalescence
  41. Rationalism
    accepting reason as the supreme authority
  42. Ossified
    convert into or cause to harden like bone
  43. Extrapolate
    infer an unknown from something that is known- -deduce, derive
  44. Apparitions
    anything that appears, especially remarkable or startling- -spirit, phantasm
  45. Decorum
    dignified propriety of behavior, speech or dress- -politeness, manners, dignity
  46. Omnipotence
    having unlimited power
  47. Gannet
    any web-footed seabird
  48. Inexorable
    unyieldingg or relentless- -unforgiving
  49. Pommel
    the knob on the hilt of a sword, on top of a saddle
  50. Ruse
    a willy disguise- -subterfuge
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