World War One notes

  1. Cause of WW1 (A.M.I.N)
    • Alliance System
    • Militarism
    • Imperialism
    • Nationalism
  2. Spark of WW1
    the murder of the archduke Ferdinad and his wife at Sarajevo.
  3. What day did the war start?
    July 28, 1914
  4. Course of the War.
    • Alliance at the begining between France Britain, and Russia vs. Central Powers
    • Germans made the decision to attack
    • Stalemate developed on western front
    • Germans now decide to take Russia out of war. (epic fail)
    • Germans will now throw their entire military at w. front
    • End of war
  5. End of war.
    November 11, 1918
  6. How proposed a plan called the Fourteen Points?
    President Wilson
  7. Five Major Points (S.P.D.F.L.)
    • Self Determination
    • Peace with our Victory
    • Disarmament
    • Fair treatment
    • League of Nations
  8. What will end the war?
    Treaty of Versailles
  9. New Weapons Used in the war.
    Machine guns, poison gas, airplane, submarine, tank, flame thrower.
  10. Nicholas will issue the...
    October Manofesto. allows a provisional government
  11. State Building Under Lenin
    Sues for peace in 1917
  12. The Central Powers consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and..
  13. World War 1 differed from other wars because it was
  14. The central Powers were able to affect Allied shipping through the use of
  15. World War 1 was the first war in which
    airplanes were used.
  16. Propaganda was used to
    build patriotism
  17. The disaster at Gallipoli was sparked by the Allies' attempt to
    capture Constantiople
  18. a war of attrition is one fought
    by trying to outlast each other
  19. The US was enraged by
    Germany's attempt to ally with mexico
  20. The US was persuaded to join the war because of its trade connections with the allies and its
    belief in democracy
  21. Soviet means
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