PR Ch17

  1. The most effective conduit for a corporation to get its message across is probably
  2. Nike began to work in earnest on its sweatshop crisis after ______ became involved.
    activist groups
  3. Which of the following is not one of the three actions American businesses were asked to undertake in the white paper Restoring Trust in Business?

  4. Approximately one-quarter of Americans believe that US corporations are
  5. Corporate sponsorship is a form of
    cause-related marketing
  6. Which of the following is not a key factor in Americans' distrust of corporations?

  7. Which of the following is not a reason why corporations seek better reputations?

  8. Which factor is not inherent to an effective boycott?

  9. Employees are considered the organization's
  10. The large number of FedEx script references and signage in the movie Cast Away is one example of
    product placement
  11. Which of the following questions is not central to a company's decision to sponsor an event?

  12. The front line of public relations is
    customer service
  13. Which corporate sponsorship pairing is incorrect?

  14. Which of the following is not one of the steps McDonald's took in reaction to the documentary Super Size Me?

  15. The refusal to buy the products or services of an offending company is a
  16. Publicity hype and verbal sleight-of-hand is especially discouraged in
    investor relations
  17. This corporation was damaged by a recent racial discrimination scandal involving recorded tapes of company executives
  18. This 1986 Supreme Court case revolved around sexual harassment issues
    Monitor Saving Bank v. Vinson
  19. Major problems with toys manufactured by Chinese subcontractors resulted in a(n) _______, often used in the automobile industry.
    product recall
  20. The definite benchmark of how buyers feel about products is
    American Customer Satisfaction Index
  21. In the Dell/Sony laptop crisis, Dell resisted the inclination to
    ignore the problem or shift blame to Sony
  22. The primary PR function of human resources is
    employee communications
  23. Corporate-sponsored events are popular because they
    give product brands high visibility
  24. According to PR Week, which of the following is a proactive step for an organization trying to manage its reputation?
    Work with groups that want solutions, not publicity
  25. The highest paid professionals in the public relations field are
    investor relations personnel
  26. The outsourcing of white-collar jobs to other countries is known as
  27. Dannon's partnership with the National Wildlife Federation is an example of
    cause-related marketing
  28. Which of the following is a potential downside to corporate philanthropy
    backlash from special-interest groups against the sponsored cause
  29. Making a claim to an environmental conscience without the actions to back it up is derisively called
  30. Which policy is not typical among the best companies for working mothers?
    stock options geared solely to those with families
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