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  1. Renal TB:
    parenchymal calcs, putty kidney, papillary necrosis, tuberculoma, scarring, mucosal irregularity, infundibular stenosis, amputated calyx, corkscrew ureter, purse-string stenosis of renal pelvis, pipestem ureter, calculi, small contracted thick-walled bladder, urethral fistulas (watering can perineum)
  2. Hypercalcemia:
    parathyroid adenoma or hyperplasia, Addison disease, milk alkali, sarcoid, carcinomatosis, HPT, myeloma, immobilization, vitD, thiazides
  3. Cortical nephrocalcinosis:
    chronic glomerulonephritis, cortical necrosis (pregnancy, shock, sepsis, toxins), AIDS nephropathy, Alport�s, oxalosis, chronic transplant rejection
  4. Medullary nephrocalcinosis:
    HPT, RTA, medullary sponge kidney, papillary necrosis, Lasix therapy in kids
  5. Renal vein thrombosis: tumor �
    RCC, Wilm�s, lymphoma, TCC, adrenal, gonadal, pancreatic CA, extraluminal compression by retroperitoneal tumor;
  6. Renal vein thrombosis: renal disease �
    membranous glomerulonephritis, SLE, amyloid;
  7. Renal vein thrombosis: other �
    hypercoagulable state, extension of ovarian vein or IVC thrombosis, trauma, surgery, transplant complication, dehydration in kids
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