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  1. Large kidney with spindled calices:
    lymphoma, leukemia, pyelonephritis, acute RA occlusion, acute RVT, acute obstruction
  2. Normal size kidney with spindled calices:
    multiple cysts (parapelvic or peripelvic), renal sinus lipomatosis
  3. Hypodense rim:
    acute cortical necrosis, perinephric lymphoma
  4. Subcapsular rim sign:
    infarct, ATN, RVT
  5. Extracalyceal contrast: striations �
    medullary sponge kidney, early papillary necrosis, pyelosinus or pyelovenous backflow in obstruction, interstitial edema;
  6. Extracalyceal contrast: focal collections �
    late papillary necrosis, calyceal diverticulum, cavity from cyst rupture, abscess
  7. Dilated calyces/collecting system:
    obstruction, papillary necrosis, congenital megacalyces, calyceal diverticulum, reflux
  8. Bilaterally enlarged kidneys:
    ADPKD, lymphoma, glomerulonephritis, HIV, amyloid, bilateral RVT
  9. Bilaterally small kidneys:
    chronic inflammation, bilateral RAS, chronic reflux, ESRD
  10. Unilateral renal atrophy (smooth):
    chronic ischemia (RAS, RVT), postobstructive atrophy, renal hypoplasia, chronic subcapsular hematoma, radiation
  11. Unilateral renal atrophy (irregular):
    reflux nephropathy, analgesic nephropathy, DM
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