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  1. Other
  2. General GI DDx:
    Crohn�s, lymphoma, TB (infection), mets, CA, radiation, ischemia
  3. Mucosal:
    acute angle, absence of normal mucosal pattern, irregular fuzzy margin
  4. Submucosal:
    obtuse angle, presence of normal mucosal pattern, smooth distinct margin
  5. Extrinsic:
    spiculation, tethering
  6. AIDS: infection �
    CMV, Candida, herpes, Cryptosporidium, MAI;
  7. AIDS: tumor �
    KS, lymphoma;
  8. AIDS: esophagus �
    ulcers (Candida, CMV, herpes, HIV), sinus tracts (TB, Actinomycosis);
  9. AIDS: proximal small bowel �
    ulcers (cryptosporidium), nodules (KS, lymphoma, MAI);
  10. AIDS: distal small bowel �
    enteritis (TB, MAI, CMV);
  11. AIDS: colon �
    colitis (CMV, pseudomembranous), typhlitis;
  12. AIDS: rectum � herpes, lymphoma;
  13. AIDS: biliary �
    strictures (CMV, Cryptosporidium);
  14. AIDS: liver and spleen �
    KS, lymphoma, Candida, TB, MAI, PCP
  15. Abdominal trauma:
    liver laceration (#1), splenic lac, renal trauma, bowel hematoma, pancreatic fx, GB injury, adrenal hemorrhage
  16. Abdominal complications after cardiac surgery:
    GI hemorrhage, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, perforated peptic ulcer, mesenteric ischemia, perforated diverticulitis
  17. Low density lymph nodes:
    TB, MAI, lymphoma, testicular tumor, mucinous adenoCA, Whipple�s
  18. Cystic abdominal mass:
    abscess, loculated ascites, panc pseudocyst, ovarian cyst or tumor, lymphocele, cystic lymphangioma, enteric duplication cyst, cystic teratoma
  19. Mesenteric mass:
    lymphoma, mets, carcinoid, mesenteric fibromatosis, mesothelioma
  20. Large LUQ mass:
    stomach (leiomyosarcoma), pancreas (pseudocyst, nonfunctioning islet cell tumor, mucinous tumor), adrenal (carcinoma), spleen (lymphoma), kidney (RCC, lymphoma)
  21. RLQ inflammation:
    appendicitis, Crohn�s, cecal diverticulitis, perforated cecal CA, mesenteric adenitis, PID
  22. Volvulus:
    gastric (organoaxial, mesenteroaxial), midgut, colon (sigmoid, cecal)
  23. Hernia:
    paraesophageal, paraduodenal, inguinal, umbilical, Spigelian, lumbar, Richter�s, incisional
  24. Abdominal wall:
    mets (melanoma, NF, iatrogenic seeding), rectus sheath hematoma (trauma, anticoagulation)
  25. Ascites:
    cirrhosis, mets, CA, hypoalbuminemia, CHF, pancreatitis
  26. Gasless abdomen:
    obstruction with fluid-filled bowel, severe vomiting, high obstruction, achalasia, impaired swallowing, continuous NG suction
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