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  1. Solid masses:
    hemangioma, FNH, adenoma, HCC, mets, regenerating nodules, focal fatty deposition, lymphoma
  2. Cystic masses: infectious �
    pyogenic abscess, amebiasis, Echinococcus;
  3. Cystic masses: benign �
    simple cysts, ADPKD, biliary cystadenoma, biloma, intrahepatic GB;
  4. Cystic masses: malignant �
    necrotic tumors, cystic mets, cholangioCA
  5. Increased density:
    hemochromatosis, glycogen storage disease, Wilson�s, amiodarone, chemotherapy, thorotrast, anemia, regenerative nodules in cirrhosis (low T2)
  6. Decreased density:
    fatty liver � obesity, alcohol, DM, steroids, chemotherapy; radiation-induced
  7. Mottled density without focal mass:
    passive congestion, Budd-Chiari, geographic fatty infiltration, hepatoma, lymphoma
  8. Hypervascular:
    hemangioma, hemangioendothelioma, cholangioCA, HCC, mets (islet cell, melanoma, carcinoid, RCC, thyroid, breast, sarcoma)
  9. Hyperechoic: round �
    hemangioma, hyperechoic mets (hypervascular and calcified mets), HCC, fibrolamellar HCC, focal fat, lipoma, AML, Gaucher�s;
  10. Hyperechoic: linear �
    pneumobilia, PV gas, biliary ascariasis;
  11. Hyperechoic: multiple punctate foci �
    granulomatous infection, PCP, biliary hamartomas, pneumobilia, PV gas, vascular calcs
  12. Multiple hypoechoic: tumor �
    mets, lymphoma, HCC;
  13. Multiple hypoechoic: infection �
    pyogenic, amebic, Echinococcus, Candida, Schistosomiasis;
  14. Multiple hypoechoic: other �
    regenerative nodules in cirrhosis, sarcoid, extramedullary hematopoiesis, hematomas, hemangiomas
  15. Hepatic hemorrhage:
    iatrogenic, trauma, adenoma, HCC, pregnancy
  16. Gas in liver:
    Pneumobilia, pv air, abscess, emphasematous cholecystitis
  17. pneumobilia cause�
    ERCP, surgery, penetrating ulcer, gallstone ileus, CA, bowel obstruction;
  18. PV air cause �
    bowel necrosis > IBD, abscess, obstruction, ulcer, NEC, iatrogenic, liver transplant;
  19. Delayed retention of contrast:
    cholangioCA, hemangioma, fibrous tumor, scar (FNH, adenoma, fibrolamellar HCC, hemangioma)
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