Business - Important Question

  1. Ways a company can raise $ to do their business
    • Borrow money
    • fund-raising
    • equity(shares)
    • Trade Credit
    • Promissory Note
    • Open book Credit

    • Debt Financing
    • Corporate bonds
    • Retained Earning
  2. What is Capital Structure?
    Relative mix of a firm's debt and equity financing. Firm's financial base.
  3. The role of the Central Bank -
    How they make $?
    • Sets Bank rate
    • Monetary Policies of Canada

    Mark Carney - governor
  4. Push Strategy
    Promotional Strategy in which a company aggressively pushes its products through wholesalers and retailers, which persuade the customers to buy it (create consume demand for a product)
  5. Pull Strategy
    Promotional strategy in which a company appeals directly to customers who demand their product from retailers, which demand from wholesalers (build consumer demand for a product)
  6. How is a product created?
    • Product Ideas
    • Screening
    • Concept Testing
    • Business Analysis
    • Prototype Development
    • Product Testing and test marketing
    • Commercialization
  7. Stages in a Product Life
    • Introduction
    • Growth
    • Maturity
    • Decline
  8. Consumer Behaviour
    The study of the process by which customers come to purchase and consume product or services
  9. Influences on Consumer Behaviour
    • Psychological Influences (motivations, perceptions, ability to learn)
    • Personal Influences (lifestyle, personality, economic status)
    • Social Influences (peers, friends)
    • Cultural Influences (social classm cultural ranking)
  10. Stages of Consumer buying process
    • Problem/need recognition
    • Information Seeking
    • Evaluation of Alternatives
    • Purchase Decision
    • Post-Purchase Evaluation
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